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How do I change my password?

Login first and then click the gear in the upper right corner.  Then click the Change your password link under User preferences.

How do I calculate the check digit for my Holland Pro?

If I have website issues or questions, who should I contact?

You can contact support@hollandregional.com with any website issues or questions.

If I have API issues or questions, who should I contact?

You can contact hollandapi@myyellow.com with any API issues or questions.

If my website created reports are not coming through as expected, who can I contact?

You can contact support@hollandregional.com  with any website report related issues or questions.

How do I save locations into the BOL address book?

There are 2 ways:

  1. In the BOL tool, enter the location in the applicable section and click the Save to Address Book checkbox in the right corner of the same section.  The new location will be added to the address book once the BOL is submitted.  If the BOL is saved as draft or template the location will not be saved.  —OR—
  2. From the top menu, click on Ship then click BOL address book.  Then, enter the location and click Add.

What are the definitions of Role on quote or BOL?

The shipper is the pickup location of the freight, not the organizer of the move.  Consignee is the receiver of the freight and the role of third party is the payor of the freight.

How do I print or email a BOL?

From the top menu click Ship then click BOL File Folder.  Select the pro number by clicking in the checkbox next to it and click the Go button next to the Section Action drop down. The drop down will display a print/view/email option.

How do I create labels?

Once a BOL is submitted, from the list of Completed Bills of Lading, select the Pro number and click the Go button next to the Select action drop down.  Note, the BOL checkbox is defaulted to checked.  Unselect this checkbox and click Shipping labels.  Choose label type, number of labels and the Print/View at the bottom of the page.

You cannot change role or date if coming from rate quote via BOL link.  To change the role or date, you will need to create a new quote with correct information.

How do I save a new commodity on the BOL?

In the BOL tool, click Add New Commodity to display a new commodity line.  Enter the commodity and click the Save checkbox to the left of weight in the commodity line item.  Once the BOL is submitted, the new commodity will be available from drop down.

Why can’t I enter shipper’s location on my rate quote?

In the Rating details section, choose your role based on your role for the quote.  If you are the billing location, select Third party as the role.  This will allow you to enter the shipper and origin zip.  If you are the Shipper or consignee, select the corresponding role, and select your location from the drop down list.

How do I a find a valid zip code using the rate quote tool?

Click on the City/zip lookup link to display a search screen.  Enter your city/state in the field.  Once the query results are displayed, select the appropriate city/zip combination and it will automatically fill in the field on the tool.

Why is the weight doubled when I print out BOL from create BOL tool?

Unless your pricing requires the pallet weight to be provided, the pallet weight box can be left blank.  If the pallet weight is provided it should be entered in the Pallet weight box and will display as a separate line item on the BOL.  (Entering the pallet weight will not double the weight)

Why doesn’t the LxWxH on BOL automatically calculate and fill in cube and density field?

This information will be shown at bottom of the commodities section and will total each line item.  It does not calculate individually.

Where do I enter quote number?

On the 2nd page of the BOL, click the Service Options tab and enter the Quote ID in the Quote ID field.

How do I create a template?

From the top menu, Click Ship then click Bill of Lading and enter the information you want to retain for each bill of lading.  Once the information is entered, click the Save Template button on the bottom of the page.  A popup window will appear to name the new template.

How do I see if I scheduled a pickup on a BOL?

From the top menu, Click Ship  then click BOL File Folder.  Select the number in the Complete column and the list of completed bills of lading displays.  The Pickup column indicates Y if a pickup has been scheduled and N if a pickup has not been scheduled.   (Note: This only indicates pickup created with an online BOL)

How do I save My Location when I have multiple locations linked to my login?

If you only use one location but have several locations linked, select the desired location then click the asterisk (Save Settings) in the upper right of that section.