Safe and Reliable Government Shipping

Holland employees are part of a team dedicated to the government’s transportation needs. As part of Yellow, we’ve received the NDTA Distinguished Service Award, the NDTA National Transportation Award, the SDDC Quality Carrier Award and recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for our continuous efforts in environmental sustainability. And Yellow is the preferred provider for a range of military and non-military government agencies. Yellow companies have been approved by the Department of Defense and General Services Administration for more than 20 years and have tenders on file for all levels of service. Quite simply, Holland is focused on delivering your shipments on time, intact and at the right price.

Guaranteed Precision and Specialized Solutions

Our creative solutions can meet any special government project or distribution need, including comprehensive consolidation and distribution solutions such as pool distribution, vendor consolidation and more.

Holland can engineer flexible, efficient solutions you can rely on.

For more information on our Yellow government services and capabilities, please call us at 1.800.610.6551, or email