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Holland Recognized by Whirlpool as 2015 Less-Than-Truckload Carrier of the Year

Holland has been recognized with the Whirlpool 2015 Less-Than-Truckload Carrier of the Year award. This award, presented to Holland Corporate Account Executive Jerry Neiheisel, is in recognition of the consistently outstanding performance by Holland in several key areas of delivery and business performance. This is the second time that Whirlpool has recognized Holland with a Carrier of the Year award.

“I know that the members of the Holland team are deeply grateful for this award,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “But what’s more important is what this represents. This is a wonderful form of feedback from Whirlpool that lets us know they are pleased with our work for them. We thank Whirlpool for this great honor.”

Holland was selected as the top LTL carrier based on the following factors:

  • Delivery and support
  • Ease of doing business
  • Quality
  • Risk and compliance
  • Technology and partnership
  • Cost

Jim Keppler, Whirlpool’s Vice President-Integrated Supply Chain & Quality (ISC) described Holland as “an important member of our ISC extended team. We value our partnership with Holland. It would not be possible for us to Deliver the Promise to our customers every day without your expertise and support.”

We extend our sincere thanks and look forward to our continued success for years to come.

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