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Holland Named 2016 LTL Carrier of the Year by Johnson Controls

December 5, 2016 – Holland added to its list of top-carrier awards their receipt of the 2016 LTL Carrier of the Year Award presented by Johnson Controls. The award recognized Holland for its outstanding performance in five key service areas. Customer recognitions like the Johnson Controls award demonstrate Holland’s ability to sustain the highest levels of delivery excellence for its customers.

“You can’t do better than being the best. We are proud to accept the Carrier of the Year award presented to us by Johnson Controls,” said Scott Ware, president of Holland. “Employees at Holland work hard every day to provide award-winning industry-leading service to our customers. It’s tremendously gratifying when a customer expresses recognition of that effort with an award like this. I know that Team Holland is grateful for this honor. Johnson Controls (JCI) can count on us to provide the same outstanding level of service in the future.”

The JCI Carrier of the Year award was based on these five key elements of transportation services:

  • On-time performance with JCI
  • Damage claim ratio with JCI
  • EDI compliance with JCI
  • Invoice accuracy with JCI
  • Ease of doing business with (decided by a poll from their locations)s

“Holland is honored to receive the Johnson Controls Best LTL Carrier of the Year Building Efficiency award,” said Thomas Wimmer, Holland Area Director of Sales. “Al Wallace, Holland Corporate Account Executive, along with our dedicated operations team, have worked hard to allow us to receive this award. Thanks to Johnson Controls for relying on Holland as one of their transportation partners and playing a key role in servicing their customers. It’s ‘Collaboration in Motion.’ We look forward to growing our partnership further with Johnson Controls in the coming years.”

Holland was judged best in all performance categories, and was judged the easiest to do business with in a poll of Johnson Controls locations. This is the first-year Holland earned this honor.
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