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Holland Professional Driver Jim Potts Recognized for Travelling 3 Million Accident-Free Miles

Holland Professional Driver Jim Potts was recently recognized for his remarkable safety achievement; driving more than three million miles without a single at-fault accident. He joins the small group of Holland drivers who’ve surpassed this impressive safety milestone, which is the equivalent of driving to the moon and back more than a dozen times. Potts’ accomplishment demonstrates the safety and professionalism that is part of The Holland Difference.

“Indianapolis is our busiest terminal and Jim’s route is challenging, which makes his accomplishment all the more impressive,” said Holland president Scott Ware. “Any one of our drivers will tell you that the volume of traffic and number of distracted drivers make it harder than ever to maintain an accident-free record. But professionals like Jim show that, with a constant eye on the road and awareness of your surroundings, it’s possible to safely travel millions of miles.”

Jim, a Linehaul Driver who joined Holland’s Indianapolis Terminal in 1992, admits that some of his long-string of accident-free miles just comes down to luck. Still, his key to avoiding accidents is staying vigilant.

“You really have to pay attention to what’s ahead of you all the time,” says Jim. “Even when you pay attention, things can go wrong, so you need to not follow too closely and always leave yourself an out for when somebody in front of you does something they shouldn’t.”

Terminal Manager Billy Lomax calls Jim a “very dependable employee. He’s always here on time and lets us know if he’s going to have a problem making it in – something that rarely happens. He’s one of our top drivers who really knows the ropes and can be counted on to do his job and do it well.”
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