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Holland Indianapolis Maintenance Shops Reaches 10 Injury-Free Years

There’s danger around every corner in a truck maintenance shop, with constant risk of falls, cuts, strains, burns and other injuries. Little wonder that on-the-job injuries are so common ... except in Holland’s Indianapolis Maintenance Shop. The team there recently passed an almost unheard of milestone by going 10 years without a single lost-time injury.

Maintenance Manager John Thomas has a right to feel proud about his team achieving this remarkable accomplishment. He was given the job of starting the shop shortly after he joined the company 11 years ago. While he’s been there to lead the maintenance team during their 10-year injury-free record, he knows that the credit goes to the entire team.

“Everyone in the shop thinks alike when it comes to safety,” John says. “They think through the job before they start it to be sure they have a safe way to do it. They know to look out for each other, to jump in when they see someone needs help, and to always ask questions about how we can do things better. That way of doing things just feels natural for us.”

Joe Sturtz, Holland Vice President of Operations, expressed his personal congratulations and good wishes, saying that "Working safely is no accident at the Indy Garage. Each time I’ve visited there I've witnessed the safety first culture in action. This is an awesome accomplishment guys! Thanks for all you do."

Ten injury-free years is an accomplishment worth celebrating. That celebration will include dinner for the Indianapolis team and some Holland recognition items. But the recognition and rewards aren’t what motivates John and his team. There are much bigger reasons to strive for a perfect safety record.
“The most important thing is just staying injury free, protecting ourselves and one another from getting hurt,” he says. “But there’s also the cost of injuries. It’s huge and it’s something every Holland employee can do something about by doing their part to stay safe and avoid injuries in their job. Working safely and avoiding injuries means keeping our people on the job to take care of customer needs, and helps keep our rates lower by reducing the costs of injuries.”