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Holland Headlines

Holland Presented with BNSF 2014 Carrier Excellence Award

Holland has been presented by BNSF Logistics with its 2014 Carrier Excellence Award in LTL with "grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of your hard work, devotion and commitment to excellence." 

Stated Ray Greer, BNSF Logistics, LLC President: "Customer service is among our foremost priorities for our customers, and the front line support of providers like Holland is essential to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers."

Holland demonstrated excellence by delivering on capacity commitment, complying with service requirements of BNSF Logistics customers, proactively communicating with operations personnel when concerns did occur, and allowing BNSF Logistics to provide the high level of customer service they are known for. 

This type of continued support is vital to achieving BNSF's mission: "To provide a superior customer experience by delivering innovative, flexible and value driven solutions."

We extend our sincere thanks and look forward to our continued success for years to come. Our priority is delivering the best shipping experience possible...and it shows! Holland has been publicly honored numerous times for delivering outstanding service quality. See our Awards page.

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