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New Holland Grand Rapids, MI Terminal Open for Business

Our brand new Grand Rapids, MI terminal opened for operations on Aug. 14, 2015. 

The 48,790 square-foot facility has 110 dock doors as well as an additional16,000 square-foot maintenance building. The larger dock and vehicle service space creates a safer environment and quicker cycle time, simplifying freight movement and management. The 30 extra dock doors also help us to provide consistently reliable service with quicker cycle time. This dock is 20 feet wider--providing room to build loads faster with less risk of damage. The terminal warming room is also larger with more heated storage space for Freeze Protection shipments. 

Our new Grand Rapids terminal enables Holland to more effectively serve our current customers and accommodate the increasing demand in southwestern MI as well as the entire Holland network. 

"Building a completely new facility from the ground up was a challenging project. We are excited and pleased to be up and rolling," said Marc Weir, Grand Rapids Terminal Manager. "This larger, more modern facility on 23 acres helps our employees to better serve our customers. Our yard size has nearly tripled. This is the 'Holland Difference' in action."

The terminal is located at: 10151 Division Avenue SW, Wayland, MI. Phone numbers remain the same. Phone: 616-538-9500; Toll-free: 800-321-0942; Fax: 616-724-2719. Learn more.

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