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Holland donates delivery of tree seedlings to Mercer County Conservation District

Holland, an industry-leader in next-day transportation, donated its shipping services for the transport of tree seedlings to the Mercer County Conservation District this Spring. Holland hauled 4,300 seedlings from John P. Rhody Nurseries in Gilbertsville, KY to the offices of the Mercer County Conservation District in Harrodsburg, KY. This is the third year that Holland has provided transportation services for this program.

The young trees were then taken to the Mercer County Senior High School where they were distributed to the public for free by the local chapter of Future Farmers of America (FFA). Within ten days, the Mercer County FFA donated over 4,000 trees. The varities of trees included cherry bark oak, white oak, bur oak, bald cypress, red bud, yellow poplar and white pine.

These young seedlings will beautify the region, generate oxygen, reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide, prevent soil erosion, provide shade, control noise pollution, increase local property values, and more.

Holland Lexington, KY Account Manager, Mark Showalter manages the company's involvement in this initiative.

“There are few things in this world with such simple, inherent value as a tree,” said Showalter. “We at Holland are proud to be able to help bring some of that value to Mercer County. With this charitable work, the Mercer County Conservation District and the Future Farmers of America instill beauty and environmental well-being to our community. We are very pleased to be a part of that effort and look forward to remaining a part of this program for the years to come.”

Holland professional driver, Joe Lance, was proud to have made the delivery on March 25, and contributed to the effort further by taking a tree to plant in his own yard in nearby Versailles, KY.
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