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Holland, MI 49423

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Our Service Coverage

  • Headquarters in Holland, Mich.
  • Central United States and Canada
Holland Headlines

The regional expertise you need

For over 83 years, Holland has dedicated itself to serving its territory with the best LTL shipping money can buy. Servicing 21 states and 2 Canadian provinces, Holland provides its customers with a regional focus and expertise that results in unmatched on-time, damage-free performance, and personalized customer service.

Our regional focus also means that we offer more next-day lanes than any other provider within our territory. With 53 service centers, including 4 in Canada, we have the region covered and serviced quickly – getting you what you need, when you need it... faster than you can say “next-day.”

Not only do we offer the speed of next-day service, we also boast one of the highest on-time percentages in the industry. Fast, reliable, always on-time, Holland makes the complications and inconveniences of shipping vanish. And haste never comes at the expense of caution, as is evidenced by our 99.8% damage-free delivery record. What could be more valuable than the confidence that your shipment will arrive at its destination on-time and in precisely the condition it left in?

Finally, our expertise is coupled with quality sister companies, New Penn and Reddaway, to expand your best-in-class service experience beyond our regional service area. No matter where it's going, we can help get it there.

See what a long legacy of LTL excellence looks like for yourself. Call us at 866-465-5263 or visit us online to start shipping with the regional experts today.

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