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No cargo too complicated

The two most fundamental roles of any transportation provider are to complete deliveries on time, and damage-free

Late shipments result in displeased customers, and damaged cargo is often even worse.

That's why Holland has dedicated itself to both of these pursuits, and has left no detail in the equation unaccounted for. This includes a long history of experience and expertise in handling Hazardous Materials.

Add confidence to your supply chain, with Holland Hazardous Materials Shipment Solutions. At the core of this service is a dedication to staff training and safety. Our Chemical Helpline (800-395-5446, Option 2) helps with every imagineable question--from on-site analysis to assistance with compliance, labeling, cross-border shipping and more. Our highly trained andskilled dockworkers and drivers ensure proper care, handling, and securing of your hazardous cargo.

When you ship with Holland, know that your goods will arrive safely--no matter what the cargo, and no matter where it's headed. Call us at 866-465-5263 or visit us online to start shipping with the damage-free experts today.

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