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  • Headquarters in Holland, Mich.
  • Central United States and Canada
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Let Holland make your life easier

What do Holland's reliability, flexibility, and expertise afford your company? How about improved service, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and happier customers?

With Holland Consolidation and Distribution (C&D) services, you can be certain that the most complicated of your shipping needs will be met with customized precision. Increase your supply chain efficiency by allowing Holland transportation experts to find solutions to your specific needs.

Our C&D services help reduce costs, and increase efficiencies by eliminating delays and the necessity for warehouse storage. With our extensive, comprehensive service network, and regional expertise, Holland cuts time and cost out of your supply chain.

Here's what Holland has to offer:

  • Pickup multiple vendor shipments and consolidate them into one
  • Move the consolidated shipment across our network (or accept delivery of a full-load shipment from your truckload carrier or private fleet)
  • De-consolidate (or distribute) a single shipment to multiple store locations

Learn more about our Consolidation and Distribution services online OR call us at 866-465-5263.

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