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No worries about freezing

As the flurries continue to fly and blizzards bear down, remember Holland protects cold-sensitive freight. Our forty years of expertise moving temperature-sensitive cargo and fully trained employees ensure that.

No matter what your cargo, Holland knows how to handle your cold-sensitive freight. OurĀ freeze protection program currently boasts a 99.9% damage-free performance!

With that track-record, you can be confident your goods will not dip below 32 degrees, and your supply-chain will remain unhindered.

Holland understands theĀ implications of a damaged shipment. We haveĀ a rigorous protection system for your cold-sensitive cargo. Just mark your shipment's BOL (bill of lading) with "Protect from Freezing" and rest assured.

While your shipments are on the road, Holland employs technically engineered, environmentally friendly CargoQuiltsĀ®--independently tested technology to keep your cargo above freezing from point A to point B.

Keep the chill off your cold-sensitive cargo! Learn more about our Freeze Protection Service--complete aĀ customer interest form or call us at 1-866-465-5263.Ā 

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