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Holland pros improve PRO labels

Speed, efficiency, and accuracy are all invaluable elements of great shipping, and we at Holland are in constant pursuit of optimizing them. For us, it's the details that count the most, and by leaving no detail unnoticed we continue to lead the region in on-time, claim-freenext-day service.

One of the most recent details we've put under the microscope is our PRO label. After some customer feedback we've revamped them to limit errors, streamline processes, and in the end, provide you with a superior service.

The font size on the new labels is considerably larger and easier to read which means quicker processing and less errors. With time saved and errors reduced, we intend on achieving even lower claim ratios.

The new labels have also been outfitted with barcodes to allow for seamless access to PRO information via handheld devices. Barcodes allow Holland professionals to scan a PRO label on the dock and view shipment information without a computer.

In addition, the presence of barcodes on our PRO labels opens the door for future dock technology improvements with OS&D and W&R tools.

Contact us for your new PRO labels after your current inventory is exhausted. By constantly working on improvements and listening to your feedback, Holland works to provide you with an even better shipping experience.

Schedule your next shipment with Holland by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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