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Delivering an exceptional customer experience

When you meet Scott Simmons, he is always wearing a tie and a smile and greets you with an outstretched hand. His team emulates his attire and his attitude.

"We work in a cohesive group," says Scott, who is area sales manager for Memphis and Chattanooga, TN, Decatur and Birmingham, AL, and Atlanta, GA terminals.

"Everyone supports one another." Mentoring 11 account executives is a big portion of Scott's responsibilities.

"Through coaching, education and training, Scott prepares his sales team to deliver exceptional value in the marketplace," says Area Director of Sales Shaun Martin. "He brings additional value to the table because he has such a strong work ethic, sense of urgency, and desire to satisfy our customers."

The 23-year industry veteran has a tremendous respect for operations. Scott eagerly listens to input of terminal managers, supervisors, drivers, and office staff as he continually strives to improve service quality. "When customers choose us, we want to make sure their transportation becomes a non-event to them. And that it's seamless. We're an extension of our customers," he emphasizes.

Scott is just one example of Holland's people working hard to provide the service and support to best meet your needs. Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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