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  • Headquarters in Holland, Mich.
  • Central United States and Canada
Holland Headlines

Your customers' satisfaction starts with Holland

How do you satisfy customers who measure inventory in days, hours, or even minutes? With the choices, flexibility, and reliability of Holland's Guaranteed Delivery.

At Holland, we know your products' availability is crucial to your success.

Just tell us the service level that will satisfy your customers:
--Delivery before 9 a.m., noon, or 3:30 p.m.
--Delivery within a specific window of time (down to the hour)
--Delivery on a specific day or across a range of days

We'll do the rest. Your product will be available when your customers want it to be. Guaranteed. On-time performance for our guaranteed delivery services is 99 percent.

Shipping to a retailer? Customizability in the form of multi-day, single-day, and hour-specific windows makes Guaranteed Delivery from Holland ideal for suppliers who must comply with retailers' Must-Arrive-By Date (MABD) requirements.

Your Holland account executive is ready to develop a solution that guarantees your product is available when your customers require. You can also visit us online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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