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The "what, where and when" of what you need . . . guaranteed

When faced with a high priority shipment, Holland customers turn to our guaranteed services for peace of mind and the assurance that their important goods will be delivered when they need them most.

That's exactly what IDI Composites International did when they had a large new customer waiting in Canada to see a set of mold trials. IDI Composites is the premier global formulator and manufacturer of thermoset molding compounds for custom molders and OEMs. They have been servicing their customers around the world from their 200,000 square foot facility in Noblesville, IN for over 35 years.

A strong business like IDI requires a strong carrier. So with the good graces of a large new customer on the line, IDI Composites customer service representative Wendy Pyle went with Holland to make sure her valuable products made it precisely when needed.

"I've been working with Holland for my whole 13 years at IDI. I have never had any problems. What truly stands out is the service. Everyone is very helpful--from our regular driver Tommy Jones--to sales--to dispatch," Wendy explained.

The cargo was shipped on May 21 with a guaranteed delivery time of 3:30 pm on May 23. When the shipment arrived exactly per Wendy's specs, she was compelled to write the Holland team to give thanks for ensuring the big day went off without a hitch.

We were glad to receive the encouraging words, but in the end, anything less than on-time delivery wouldn't be a guarantee.

To see first-hand just how we make good on our guarantees, Wendy Pyle was recently given a tour of the Indianapolis terminal by Holland Account Executive Randy Gorden.

"I'd never been to a terminal before," said Wendy. "It was an interesting and impressive tour. There was so much happening, and so many people and trucks moving around, but everyone was in sync; everybody knew exactly what they were doing. It was like an orchestra."

And that is music to our ears. With a 98% on-time percentage on standard deliveries, some might wonder the value of guaranteed service. But with added assurance--and customizability in the form of single-day, multi-day, and hour-specific windows--Holland guaranteed services provide another level of "on-time" performance for your most time-sensitive, mission-critical cargo.

To learn more about our guaranteed services contact your account representative today, or visit us online at

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