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The drive to be safer

The knowledge that just one accident or injury can impact a life or lives forever drives our efforts to improve safety at Holland. Safety policies and practices are not special projects but are the way Holland does business every day.

Safety enables Holland employees to meet commitments to customers and to return home to their families. All Holland drivers are encouraged to use driving competitions as a way to sharpen their safe driving skills.

The top finishers at local contests qualify for their state's competition. Winners at the state level advance to the national competition. This year the National Truck Driving Competition is August 7-11 in Minneapolis, MN.

Holland drivers from GA and NC competed against the top drivers from their respective states May 11-12.

And the results?

Herschel Evans took first place in the 5-axle and won the GA Driver of the Year awardSean Bates earned second place and was honored with the Rookie of the Year award.

Scott Donaldson earned third place in 5-axle flatbed, and James Bowman earned third place in 3-axle. 

All competitors were city drivers from the Holland facility in Atlanta, except for Todd Singleton, who drives from Chattanooga.

Roger Couch (straight truck), Albert Epperson (4-axle), Charles Essex (5-axle), Michael Gaskins (tank), Stephen McConley (twin trailers), Todd Singleton (5-axle), and James Yates (4-axle) also participated.

In NC, all competitors were city drivers from the Holland facility in Charlotte. Competitors and the classes in which they competed: Dwayne Flemming (5-axle), James Lawless (straight truck), Jeffrey Whitaker (5-axle), Rayfus Williams (3-axle), and Vladimir Yarulin (3-axle).

Congratulations to Jim Lawless who placed second.

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