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Care makes Holland service better

Dawn Stone feels she does what is expected for Joshua Wolf of M.E. Dey Cargo Corp., an international freight forwarder and customs broker based in Atlanta, GA.

"I simply strive my hardest to provide great customer service," she says. "That's what customers expect."

It's customer service Joshua cannot get anywhere else. Joshua gave all his business to Holland after just his second interaction with Dawn, who is a pickup clerk at the Holland terminal in Romulus, MI.

Joshua said, "I switched my business to Holland as a direct result of Dawn and Holland's great service."

What prompted the switch? Dawn explained, "The customer told me that in his experience there are many carriers that just don't care anymore. He liked that even though he is not our biggest customer, we still provide excellent service for him."

Behind the care Dawn gives to M.E. Dey Cargo and other Holland customers is nearly 26 years of experience. "I've worked every shift and done every job except payroll," she said.

Freight forwarders like M.E. Dey Cargo have unique needs, explained Dawn. "Their international freight needs to be picked up direct from the airlines' cargo facility. Our drivers need to bring a copy of a U.S. Customs release when picking up the freight. I make sure I communicate these requirements to the Holland team," said Dawn.

"All of us at Holland make sure everything is done properly, so they come back to us. We want to make it easier for them, especially because shipping internationally is so hard," she said.

An unwavering commitment to the success of every customer drives every Holland employee.

"We care and do our jobs right," says Dawn.

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