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What's on your scorecard?

What matters most to your customers about the product or service you provide? Your answer likely involves delivery of your shipments.

Accurate, on-time and damage-free shipments contribute to the total customer experience you're offering to the marketplace.

Designed to monitor carrier performance, scorecards help showcase the impact transportation has on your customer service. For every shipment at Holland, we closely track the metrics that ultimately affect your customers' experience with your company:

  • 97 percent or better on-time service
  • 99 percent on-time for guaranteed and expedited shipments
  • 99.8 percent damage-free deliveries

For ChemTreat, a leading specialty chemical company, the measures which affect its customer service involve the on-time and damage-free delivery performance of its carriers. For our industry-leading performance in these metrics, ChemTreat named Holland its 2011 carrier of the year.

Susan Coggsdale, LTL manager for ChemTreat, explained, "Shipments are moved along smoothly and our products are being delivered to our customers in a timely manner, which makes our jobs easier and our customers happy."

In addition to individual company awards programs, the entire shipping community evaluates the performance of the industry through the Quest for Quality survey sponsored by Logistics Management magazine. For the 26th straight year, Holland has been recognized as a Quest for Quality  carrier based on reader response to the 2011 survey. The metrics? On-time performance, value, customer service, information technology and equipment/operations.

What do you measure when you put together a carrier scorecard or carrier awards program? Very likely some of the same measures that affect your customers’ experience with your product or service.

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