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Hiring our heroes to drive for Holland

When it comes to providing the best regional service available, an employee's service in the armed forces is a valuable asset in terms of skills, values and ethics.

With their proven leadership, teamwork, discipline and critical-thinking skills, military veterans and National Guard and Reserve members are the perfect candidates to drive for Holland.

There are one million unemployed veterans in America. Through participation in the Employer Partnership program and Hiring Our Heroes initiative, Holland is working to place ideal candidates in positions that are essential to the timely and safe delivery of shipments.

The Employer Partnership is a collaborative effort by the Army Reserve and Army National Guard to link service members to career opportunities in the civilian job market with national, regional and local employer partners. Over 50,000 soldiers, their families and veterans participate. Holland joined the program as an employer partner on March 3.

On March 28, Holland participated in a job fair in Chicago hosted by Hiring Our Heroes, an initiative from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that aims to get veterans back into the workforce. The NBC Today Show taped a segment on the March 28 job fairs, broadcasting from New York and doing reports from Chicago and Fort Hood, TX. Nearly 5,000 attended the job fairs and 16,000 registered for an online career fair.

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