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Making good drivers better

Driving competitions make good drivers better. Competitions include driving skills and maneuvering tests, a pre-trip inspection and a written examination covering vehicle operation and federal safety regulations

These competitions are more than a test of how well a driver can operate a vehicle--they are a significant safety program that challenges the best and safest drivers first at the local level, then the state level, and finally at the national level.

The 2012 local events have wrapped up and state contests are beginning. The top finishers at the state levels will advance to the national competition. This year's National Truck Driving Competition is August 7-11 in Minneapolis, MN.

South Carolina and Tennessee are holding their state contests in April and Holland drivers will be participating!

Watch upcoming issues of Holland Headlines for updates on our champions using the driving competitions to sharpen their driving skills.

We wish the best to our safety champions. They make us all safer!

APRIL 20-21
South Carolina
Gary Barfield, city driver, Columbia, 4-axle class
Brian (Mitch) Jordan, city driver, Spartanburg, straight truck
Mark McDaniel, city driver, Spartanburg, 5-axle

APRIL 27-28
Joseph Gandy, city driver, Knoxville, 4-axle
David Weatherford, city driver, Knoxville, 5-axle

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