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Why your inbound matters

At Holland, we don't tell you what we offer until we ask what you need.

That's how our sales and operations professionals work with you to assure consistent and reliable service.

Increasingly, you are telling us you need more control over costs while maintaining the highest service levels. Reducing inventory-carrying costs by taking control of your inbound transportation achieves both objectives.

When your purchase orders specify Holland, you gain more than better transportation rates based on both outbound and inbound volume. You can see shipments moving from origin in your supply chain, giving you multiple points of efficiency.

For example, online visibility to shipment status:

  • Keeps you abreast of freight movement details
  • Provides foresight to effectively plan, schedule and control production
  • Helps to coordinate return of surplus goods
  • Improves ability to measure and monitor vendor compliance to shipping windows and schedules for enhanced cost controls, better labor planning and reduced administrative work

Along with giving you more options for routing decisions, visibility to inbound shipments also lets you schedule your operations with confidence. Holland delivers your freight with care, consistently on time and damage-free.

If a supply chain setback does occur, Holland can help you recover with our guaranteed and expedited services.

Backed by our capabilities, your supply chain can serve as a strategic tool for inventory management.

Tell us what you need. Your Holland account executive is ready to help develop your best shipping solutions.

For more information on Holland value and service for your inbound transportation, call us at 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online.