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Customers or employees can track shipments, request pickups, obtain a rate quote, view shipping documents and find a terminal directly from your website or intranet by using the links below.

Shipping documents (POD)

Use Shipping Documents to View Bills of Lading, weight and inspection certificates and delivery receipts. Click Shipping Documents, then use the tips below to complete your request.

  • PRO = This is the actual PRO number of the shipment. It can be displayed with no punctuation (i.e., 1234567898) or with only the following punctuation (i.e., 123-456789-8).
  • Date = This is the estimated date of shipment. The date can be displayed as (mm-dd-yyyy) or (mm/dd/yyyy) and is available with a plus- or minus-30-day window.

Not what you were looking for? Check out our Document API.

Shipment tracking

Use tracking links to track by freight bill, Bill of Lading, purchase order or booking numbers. Click the Tracking Link to search for your shipment.

Not what you were looking for? Check out our Tracking API.

Find a Terminal

Use find a terminal to search for a terminal by ZIP/postal code or by City, State.  Click Find a Terminal, then use the tips below to complete your hyperlink request.

Search by ZIP/Postal Code

Use this to find the terminal closest to your specified ZIP/postal code.

Search by City and State

Where searchcity is the city and searchstate is the two-letter state.