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Measuring Safety by the Millions of Miles

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average American driver logs 13,476 miles per year. That same average driver also has an accident once every 17.9 years.

By those measures, Holland professional driver Nathaniel “Wayne” Greer is anything but average.

This January, Wayne reached 3 million consecutive miles driven without a single preventable collision.

It would take the average American driver over 220 years to log that many miles, and on an average, they’d be involved in about 13 accidents along the way.

But Wayne is anything but average.

To help understand such a massive driving distance, 3 million miles is equivalent to 6 round trips to the moon, or circumnavigating the Earth at the equator over 116 times. Imagine the skill required to drive a tractor trailer that far without an accident. 

Wayne is one of just 17 active Holland drivers to have reached this incredible 3 million milestone.

Wayne achieved this milestone during in his 27-years as a professional driver for Holland. However, he also drove the first 8-years of his career, prior to starting with Holland, without a single preventable collision. His career-long record is well over 3 million miles.

It’s clear that Wayne has defied the odds, but his success hasn’t relied on luck.

According to Wayne, the key to staying safe behind the wheel is to never allow yourself to get too comfortable.

“You have to take it one day at a time,” said Wayne. “Every day I get in the truck I treat it as if it were my first trip.

“When things happen out on the road, they happen quickly. So, you have to always be prepared. Stay focused and never get complacent.”

Wayne currently operates as a professional linehaul driver out of the Holland Grand Rapids, MI service center. Five nights per week, he makes the 540-mile roundtrip between Grand Rapids and Milwaukee.

He lives in Otsego, MI with his wife of 36 years, Gloria. He says he owes his safety record to Gloria, for all the comfort, support and encouragement she’s provided over the years.

On January 27, Holland recognized Wayne’s achievement with a celebration and an award ceremony at the Grand Rapids service center. Friends, family and coworkers came together to cheer him on for reaching this incredible safety milestone.

Holland President, Scott Ware, was in attendance to present Wayne with his awards.

Wayne received a Holland personalized 3-million-miler leather jacket and gold ring, and a commemorative 3-million-miler plaque.

To his surprise, Wayne also received a personal police escort into the terminal, courtesy Michigan State Trooper Kellie Summerhays.

Drivers like Wayne are what make The Holland Difference. By remaining dedicated to safety, Wayne helps Holland deliver industry-leading service . . . and helps make the highways safer for all of us.

Team Holland would like to congratulate Wayne on his amazing achievement and wish him many more safe miles to come.

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