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Indianapolis Garage Reaches a Safety Milestone: Going 0 for 11

If you are a baseball player with a batting average of zero for 11, that would be a horrible record. But if you are a Holland Maintenance Shop, going zero for 11 is an amazing record.

That’s the record that was recently set at the Holland Indianapolis Maintenance Shop! The Maintenance Team has gone 11 years without a single lost-time accident--everyone from garage to office--and that's a prime example of focus and teamwork.

“My office is located above the shop, and I know firsthand that the Indianapolis Maintenance Team takes safety seriously,“ says David Blane, Holland Area 5 Safety Manager.

“They didn’t reach this safety milestone by accident. Safety is intentional with these men and women. In addition to no lost-time injuries, they also went the entire year without a single medical-related injury. That really is an incredible achievement.”

The shop’s long run of accident-free years began in 2005 with the arrival of a new Maintenance Supervisor, John Thomas.

Based on the shop’s achievement since his arrival, it’s obvious that he encouraged a safety-first attitude, but he says the real credit for the 11-year record really goes to the members of his team.

“Everyone has the same attitude and thinks alike when it comes to safety,” says Thomas. “We all do what we need to do to protect ourselves and our coworkers.

“We look out for one another, and if anyone spots a potential safety problem, they take care of it.

“Always working safely has just become natural to us.”

Part of the safety focus comes from understanding the benefits of avoiding accidents and injuries.

Avoiding accidents means avoiding potential injuries and ensures that the team is always at full strength. But the most important reason is that everyone stays healthy.

“When we stay healthy, our team members and their families are happy,” explains Thomas. “That’s the best part of working safely.”

The safety milestone was celebrated with a barbecued lunch. Each team member also received a Dewalt cordless power drill.

This team knows how to make the Holland Difference every single day. Check out our Facebook photo album of the celebration.

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