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Building Business with Customers and Friends

Most customers don’t appreciate “upselling” (when a salesperson tries to sell you something better than what you had in mind). However, one Holland customer actually complimented his Holland driver for asking about adding more freight.

The Assistant Warehouse Manager at Diagraph MSP emailed Holland Account Executive Danny Hurst with some positive feedback on the service provided by Pickup & Delivery Driver Roger Stroehlein.

The customer wrote that his Holland drivers “are always courteous, professional, and friendly and Roger, in particular, always brightens everyone’s day a bit when he arrives. We appreciate Roger and our other Holland drivers, and the great job Holland does for ITW Diagraph.”

He went on to say that Roger “is always eager for more freight and often asks about getting more shipments.” That’s the kind of feedback that Danny loves to hear.

“When it comes to making customers happy and building more business for Holland, the drivers are my best asset,” Danny says. “They see the customer more than I do, and go where the wheels are actually turning and the freight is moving. As an Account Executive, I rely on drivers like Roger to let me know when they spot a new opportunity or when we did something the customer appreciates. It’s important for drivers to give me a head’s up.”

The Sikeston, MO Terminal Manager, Andy Collins understands why a customer would take the time to send positive feedback about Roger’s customer service.

“Roger is one of those guys who is smiling and laughing often. So I am not surprised that customers enjoy working with him,” says Andy Collins. “But Roger is also a guy who always tries to take care of his customers’ needs. I’m proud to have guys like Roger representing our terminal and the Holland brand.”

Roger has been driving for 41 years, the last 23 for Holland, and says that his secret is to stop thinking about people as customers and instead thinking of them as friends.

“When I pull away from the customer’s dock, I want them to feel like a friend just stopped by with a delivery,” he says. “My job feels like visiting with friends. I just do other work in-between the visits. I have a lot of good friends on my route. You get to know them. They get to know you and that helps everyone.” 

Danny has only been with Holland for about a year, but he’s been in the trucking businesses for many years. He says positive feedback from customers is great because it lets him know that we have pleased customers.

“It’s great to have drivers and other Holland employees who are so engaged with the customer and willing to go the extra mile to strengthen and grow our relationship. When customers see us not just as a supplier but as a friend, that builds a strong relationship benefitting both the customer and Holland.”

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