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Ship with the Preferred Retail Carrier

Holland gets retail products on the shelves with greater speed and reliability.

Book your home and garden retail shipments with Holland and benefit from:

  • No Delivery Delays--Holland, a preferred carrier for the leading home and garden retailers, has priority scheduling and delivery, so your products are at the store by their due date!
  • Regular Schedules--With designated delivery times each day, Holland ships your products to the retailer when they need it.
  • Retailer Expertise--Holland understands each retailer’s delivery requirements and our proven process ensures your shipment arrives on time.

Holland offers a wide range of services to meet retail delivery requirements:

  • Standard delivery service with the most next-day lanes
  • Guaranteed delivery options (before 9:00 a.m.; noon; before 3:30 p.m.)
  • Guaranteed window service makes sure you meet retail must-arrive-by-window-requirements--never too early and never too late
  • Expedited service to meet your most demanding delivery needs
  • Customized services to manage special deliveries

We start by understanding your delivery requirements, from the retailer’s compliance policy to its scorecard process. Then we adhere to a proven delivery system that ensures shipments are received according to plan. When vendors meet retail delivery requirements, it drives better scores, more sales and higher profitability.

With Holland, you can get your products to the right location and watch your revenue blossom.

Holland is an approved carrier for several retail industries including home and garden, food, drug, apparel and major big-box discounters. We provide more next-day lanes than any competitor in the region.

Visit hollandregional.com/retail or call 866.465.5263 for more information.


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