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Wheeling Shop Surpasses Six-Year Safety Milestone

When most people set their priorities, family is at the top of their list. Family comes first. That sentiment is one of the big things that drove the Holland Wheeling, IL Maintenance Shop to reach the safety milestone of six years without a lost-time accident.

"Wheeling is one of the smallest of our ten maintenance shops, but they’ve got a big workload," explains Paul Childers, Holland Area Safety Manager. "They treat one another like family, and that includes looking out for each another’s safety. Everyone there wants to be sure that none of their Holland family members goes home hurt. That’s true of several shops in my area, but it’s especially true in Wheeling."

Someone did the math on the total hours of time worked by the seven-man Wheeling crew without a lost-time accident and came up with a cumulative of 91 man-years.

"We do the same thing most of our shops do to keep people focused on safety," says Wheeling Maintenance Shop manager Bob Carlisle. "That includes safety briefings prior to every shift. We also focus on keeping the shop very clean. When the guys go home at the end of their shift, they leave their bays clean. This helps prevent hazards for both the guys who work in the shop as well as the drivers and other people who visit. We’re a team, and we work together as a team towards all of our goals here at Holland"

Bob’s team keeps their shop looking good, and the mechanics in the shop will be looking a bit sharper as well. As a small thank gift to recognize their safety accomplishment, they each received a new Carhartt winter coat and a celebratory cookout.

While the Wheeling team has an impressive safety record, the Holland Indianapolis shop is the current safety milestone leader, having achieved over ten years without a lost-time accident.

"Our new goal is to earn that #1 spot," Bob says. "I am confident we can do it because, here in Wheeling, we do the things we set our minds to achieving!"

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