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Great Service at Every Turn

Karen Harrison at Elevate-AV knew her shipment was on the way, but that’s about all she knew. The sender hadn’t provided any specific delivery information. What Karen did know was that her shipment was coming via Holland. So she dialed our toll-free 800 number (800-456-6322) to see if she could get some information. She made a good call!

"I got Lori, who was very helpful," Karen recalls. "She informed me of the upcoming scheduled pick-up and approximate ETA. She also suggested I call back the next day for more information about my shipment."

The great service continued the next morning when she called back for additional details.

"When I called again, I spoke with Diane," Karen says. "She, too, was very helpful and informative, and even asked for my contact information, so she could relay it to the driver. I was the only person available to receive this shipment, and she wanted to ensure it wasn’t missed. Both Lori and Diane were super-friendly. I feel they went above and beyond to assist me!"

But Karen’s great customer experience wasn’t over yet. It continued when the shipment arrived.

"My driver was Chris (Bennett) from Greensboro, and he was amazing!" Karen says. "He called me with an hour lead time, then diligently maneuvered his truck to my loading dock. That was extremely difficult thanks to trucks and trailers parked across our parking lot directly in his way. It took him a few minutes to safely accomplish this, but he was determined and never once seemed frustrated with the situation. He kindly unloaded my shipment and patiently waited while I verified the shipment."

Chuck Manuel, the Greensboro, NC Terminal Manager, was obviously pleased to hear about the great service Team Holland provided, but he wasn’t surprised.

"That’s really what the Holland Difference is all about," Chuck states. "It’s making sure we meet or exceed customer expectations from pickup to delivery. That’s the culture here in Greensboro, and it’s what we strive for with every shipment."

Everyone knows how important it is to make a good first impression. That’s true both socially and in business. Those first impressions can create a lasting impression, and that was the case with Karen.

Our Customer Service page is another great resource.

"This was my first experience with Holland and everyone was great! As an individual and as part of a company, I will never hesitate to recommend or use you in the future."

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