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New Tech Takes to the Road

Just about every business has to continually reinvest in new equipment. You can see our big investments rolling down the highway or backing into your dock. But just as important to meeting customer shipping needs is a piece of equipment that fits in your driver’s back pocket.

Holland has rolled out a new handheld computer that is going to help us operate more efficiently and deliver your freight more effectively, all while keeping you "in the know" about every shipment.

Holland drivers will use the Honeywell devices to communicate with dispatchers, update shipment status, scan labels, take pictures of shipments when there are exceptions, and more.

As each piece of freight goes on or off the trailer, it’s scanned and the data is transmitted to our systems. Customers and dispatchers can access the data for up-to-the-minute visibility on shipment location and status.

The new Honeywell devices are basically a more rugged version of an Android phone with some added features and software tailored to our transportation business. One of the applications ("apps") that we are currently testing will enable us to comply with new federal requirements for electronic driver logs.

While other companies are scrambling to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s December 2017 Electronic Logging Device (ELD) deadline, here at Holland, we are already testing our solution.

"This new handheld is a giant leap forward that puts the latest and greatest technology in the hands of our drivers," says Cheryl Saxton, Director of Process Development and Operations Support. "We are the first LTL carrier in the United States to implement this state-of-the art solution. It’s going to help keep Holland in the forefront of technology helping us do a better job for our customers."

A common problem with some new technology can be that it’s hard to use or it requires additional time.

Not so with the Honeywell Pickup and Delivery Solution.

The feedback from drivers using the handhelds has been a collective thumb’s up. Holland city drivers report that the devices are easy to use and make their job easier and helps them cover their routes more efficiently.

"Just like your cell phone, the handhelds will be updated with additional apps and improved features for the apps now in use," Saxton says. "That will let us continue to improve services for our customers as we move forward."

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