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Holland Picks Up When Other Carrier Falls Down

Ben Craine doesn’t call just any carrier to transport his shipments. He relies on just three LTL carriers to deliver his packaging paper to the distributors he supplies. As the owner of B. H. Craine Company in Farmington Hills, MI, he prefers to build long-term relationships with a small group of suppliers. Recently, though, one of those carriers let him down. 

"They missed a pickup and said they wouldn’t be able to get it our distributor on time,” Ben recalls. “Our distributors have hard deadlines with their customers, and without this shipment, this distributor’s customer wouldn’t have the paper needed to pack and deliver their products. I called Josh at Holland, and he had a truck at my dock in less than an hour.”

Josh Anderson, Holland Inside Sales Representative at Holland company headquarters in Holland, Michigan, says most of the credit for making that pickup goes to the dispatcher at the Detroit terminal. 

“I called Dispatch and our guys do everything they can to get it done,” Josh says. “When customers call and let us know what they need, we are always eager to work with them and solve their shipping problems. We do that for any customer, but we are especially happy when we have a chance to help a great customer like B. H. Craine.” 

What makes the relationship between Craine and Holland special is the mutual respect for one another’s needs. Ben asks for a special delivery effort only when necessary. Josh understands that, and pulls out all the stops when Ben calls for help. 

“I’ve been in business for a long time, and I know that customers sometimes back themselves into corners,” Ben says. “We’ve always prided ourselves on bailing them out, and hope they remember that customer service and are loyal to us. That’s exactly the way Holland works, from Sales to providing quality customer service to the people in the terminal. They’ve definitely earned our loyalty.”

Ben also singled out Pam Stapleton for praise. As the Scheduler for the B.H. Craine account, she assists with monthly deliveries to several customers in Cleveland. Those deliveries require an appointment at the destination warehouses so they are available to receive the shipments. Because of the very short delivery deadline and the critical need for the shipment to arrive as expected, Pam regularly follows up to make sure everything goes as planned. 

“With about 900 inbound shipments every day, I physically can’t be personally involved in every one,” Pam says. “And of course I don’t really have to, because our systems do a great job of managing all the routine freight. But Ben’s freight is a bit different, so it takes a little above-and-beyond effort to get it there. When customers have exceptions or unique situations, we are always eager to work with them and find a way to get the job done.”

Holland often refers to working as partners with its customers. In the case of Papermaven, it clearly is a partnership, with both sides grateful for the support of the other. 

“Ben understands our system, so he knows when he needs to alert us to special requirements or potential problems,” Pam says. “He knows we go out of our way to take care of those things, and he’s always appreciative. He’s a great customer.”

Jonnel Gleason is currently an Account Executive for the Holland Detroit area, but she was also responsible for the B. H. Craine account for many years. She enjoyed working with Ben and sometimes assists Josh, her replacement, with the account.

“It’s a good feeling to know we are appreciated,“ Jonnel says, “but the most important thing is that the customer is happy. We take care of them and their freight as a partner. That’s the kind of relationship that works best, and it’s a relationship we intend to keep strong with B. H. Craine.”

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