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Holland 2016 Safety Drive for a Cure

A Test of Safe-Driving Skills 

Competition drives us to do our best. Going head-to-head in a test of skills, knowledge and abilities encourages us to train, practice and achieve our peak performance. Professional truck drivers feel the same about competition as we saw the weekend of March 19, 2016 when drivers had an opportunity to show off their safe-driving skills at our annual Safety Drive for a Cure in Atlanta, GA. 

The Safety Drive for a Cure is a tremendous chance for new and experienced competitors to try their hand in a professional safe driving skills contest. The event encourages safe driving throughout the year. State truck driving competitions require drivers to have a one-year no at-fault collision record. 

How Our Safety Event Came to Be 

The Safety Drive for a Cure had its start in 1999 as the “Battle of the Borders” when Roadway drivers JC Miller, Terri Fulton, Greg Squeri and Dave Pack began driver training for state truck safe driving competitions at the Roadway terminal in Kernersville, NC. It was a way for co-workers from bordering states to tune-up their skills and learn from the best of the best. The “Battle of the Borders” was next based at the YRC terminal in Marietta, GA in 2012. 

Then the Holland Atlanta, GA terminal became the host in 2013 and has remained the host. Based on suggestions, it was decided to raise funds for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF). PBTF hosts a variety of events across the USA to raise awareness about childhood brain tumors and raise funds for medical research and family support, among them is the Atlanta Ride for Kids.

The Safety Drive for a Cure was able to raise about $3,000 each of the first two years at our Holland Atlanta facility. Then in 2015, we raised $10,200 to help the children at PBTF. We are still counting donations from this year’s event, but the total is near $14,212 now. Drivers at YRC, Holland and Reddaway were able to come together to prepare for their local state truck driving competitions and help PBTF.

Two years ago in 2014, the Organizing Committee (with the approval of YRC and Holland) fine-tuned the event to promote safe driving in the trucking industry as a whole in addition to helping the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and so the event became the Safety Drive for a Cure

Herschel Evans, a Holland City Driver in Atlanta, Holland’s first ever ATA Road Team Captain and National Truck Driving Champion, is a part of the Organizing Committee. The competition grew as a safety contest between Holland drivers and drivers from sister companies. 

For the past two years the competition has been open to all drivers with a CDL from all companies. 

Goals of the Safety Drive for a Cure 

The Safety Drive for a Cure has several goals:

  1. Promote the reality that the trucking industry is serious about safety and actively seeks to improve safety skills and driver performance
  2. Develop new drivers interested in improving their safety skills and perhaps take home a trophy
  3. Give veteran competitors a way to tune up their safety skills before state truck driving competitions
  4. Help children suffering from brain tumors and brain cancer

This year, as in past, Holland hosted the event at our Atlanta, GA terminal. See our photo album of the 2016 event on Holland facebook. 

The Safety Drive for a Cure is modelled after the ATA state and national truck driving competitions. The three areas of competition are written exam, skills test, vehicle inspection. Categories include straight truck, three-axle, four-axle, five-axle, flatbed, tanker, sleeper, twin trailers as well as a management class and retired class.

About 90 drivers participated this year. Bryan Wold from Fargo, ND came the farthest. Chuck Pearson was the Grand Champion and JB Quarrels won Vehicle Inspection. Victor Woodall (3-axle, GA); Mike Gaskins (Tanker, GA); Scott Donaldson (4-axle, GA); Todd Singleton (Straight Truck, GA); Billy Carnes (3-axle, GA); Sylvia Kissinger (5-axle, GA); Charles Hyatt (4-axle, IN); Mike Tobolic (Tanker, MI); Russ Simpson (Tanker, OH) exceptionally represented 2016 Team Holland.

Herschel Evans drove the course with PBTF “Ride for Kids Star” Stacy Nix providing her with an experience of a lifetime. Safety Drive for a Cure guest Mary Moore, Executive Director of the GA Chapter of PBTF, with guidance, was able to drive a 3-axle truck through the course and experienced the many challenges involved first-hand, gaining much respect for the professionalism exhibited by truck drivers at the event.

Competitors at the Safety Drive for a Cure, as well as the state and local competitions, take enormous pride in being among the safest drivers on the road. The intense interest in these competitions points out the focus that our industry puts on safety. 

Holland’s support of and involvement in events like the Safety Drive for a Cure demonstrates that we are serious about safety and encourage our drivers to take an active part in opportunities to hone their safe-driving skills.


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