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Connecting You With Canada

With the experience, network and reliability to make your supply chain to and from Canada run smoothly, Holland is your complete cross-border delivery partner. Shipping cross-border is never complicated with Holland.

Experience: Holland has 87 years of expertise delivering regionally and cross-border. Shipments clear customs quickly because we work with customs brokers for pre-arrival clearance. Fast, hassle-free border-crossings. The customs clearance process begins before your goods even reach the border. PARS results in goods immediately accessible for delivery upon arrival.

Network: Holland has more next-day and two-day lanes to and from Canada in our network than any other carrier so your shipment can arrive quicker.

Reliability: Holland provides industry-leading on-time and claim-free delivery with your shipments clearing customs without delay.

Online Visibility: Our customer service experts and website have everything you need. Cross-border shipping forms are available 24/7 for your convenience. You’ll find bills of lading, commercial invoices, and NAFTA Certificates of Origin. Everything you need is in one place. Our cross-border experts can also help with rate quotes, transit times and scheduling a pickup. Follow your shipment every step of the way.

Our Team: We have a dependable and responsive team . . . from our dockworkers and drivers who are committed to safety and customer service . . . to our experts in the Holland Customs Center who thoroughly review cross-border documents before shipments reach the border. Our team works together to create a stress-free cross-border shipping process. With 99.8% damage-free delivery and highly reliable on-time service, our performance has been awarded the Quest for Quality award for 30 consecutive years. Holland has also been honored with the Canadian Transportation & Logistics Shipper’s Choice Award for outstanding cross-border service.

With Holland experience, network and reliability, Holland makes your cross-border experience to and from Canada hassle-free.

Fast Canadian service and cross-border expertise are just a phone call away: 866-465-5263 or visit us online.

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