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Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with Rewards.

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What's New at Holland

Holland welcomes Mike Naatz

Mike Naatz, Holland coverage map, tractor-trailerOn Sept. 26, Mike Naatz was named president of Holland, taking over for Jeff Rogers who was recently named the new president of YRC.

Mike has pledged to "keep Holland the best next-day trucking company in the region with high-quality service that exceeds customer expectations!"

"In the last few weeks, I've taken time to walk around and talk with many of our employees, and I continually meet dedicated, hard working people who really care about our customers," says Mike. "The company is on the right track, and it's my expectation that we'll see continued growth."

Mike's role as president follows a diverse career in transportation. In 1994, he joined USF, which YRC Worldwide later acquired, and held leadership positions in operations, information technologies and sales. He also was responsible for the team that manages enterprise-wide functions, including procurement, property management, revenue management, equipment services and marketing.

Mike led the integration of Yellow and Roadway in 2008, consolidating business processes and technologies across two, $3-billion companies. In 2010, he became the chief customer officer for YRCW.

"I welcome opportunities to meet with customers or talk with you on the phone," says Mike. "You can reach me at 616-395-5001 or by email at

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News & Other Services

One word of advice for inbound transportation buyers: Holland!

tractor-trailer, stopwatch, man moving loaded pallet jackResearch presented at the 2010 annual conference of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals revealed that buying and procurement decisions tend to drive inbound transportation execution 32 percent of the time. That means many employees who typically aren't involved in transportation decision-making may be working outside their comfort zones.

Fortunately for purchasing managers and others who need access to transportation providers, Holland can help. Our sales and operations professionals understand the intricacies of efficient transportation. We can develop solutions to support your strategic supply-chain processes and move daily loads effectively.

With Holland you get:

  • The most next-day options in the region to help you diminish lead times
  • Pickup and delivery areas that match your vendors' operations; our next-day service reaches up to 750 miles from Holland service centers
  • Damage-free deliveries from a network that reduces handling and employees who care about your business
  • Visibility into your inbound shipments to let you schedule your operations with confidence
  • Deliveries earlier in the day, so that you can work the shipments the same day they arrive
  • Flexibility to recover from supply-chain hiccups using guaranteed and expedited service options
  • Transportation efficiencies and economies from consolidation and distribution capabilities
  • Online tools that quote your pricing and provide convenient scheduling, tracking and reporting tools

To learn how Holland can help with your inbound transportation needs, visit our website or call 1-866-465-5263.

'Tis the season to protect from freezin'

Thermometer with mercury in the negative numbers, snow, loaded palletTemperatures are beginning to dip across the upper Midwest and Canada. Make sure your cold-sensitive cargo reaches its destination in good condition with Freeze Protection Service from Holland.

Along with the largest network of next-day delivery points in the region, our operational efficiencies ensure your shipments move quickly to their destinations, usually before noon.

In addition, each of our service centers maintains a supply of technically-engineered and environmentally safe cargo quilts designed to maintain the temperature of your shipment above 32 degrees from pickup to delivery.

Simply mark your shipments and bills of lading with "protect from freezing" to receive specialized Freeze Protection Services:

  • Available on all direct-service points, including Ontario and Quebec
  • Pickups made five days a week, including Fridays
  • CargoQuilt® covers conveniently stocked throughout the network
  • Terminal warm rooms available for weekend use
  • More than 40 years' experience protecting temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Cold weather email alerts available to help you plan your shipping activities

To learn how Freeze Protection Service can help your business, complete a customer interest form.

To schedule a shipment, visit or call us at 1-866-465-5263.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

I Am Holland, Rocky Anderson, Holland coverage map with Indianapolis highlighted, Indianapolis, IN"I've been in the trucking industry for 30 years. The first 13 were with another company, and we were always butting our heads with Holland," says Rocky Anderson, supervisor in the Indianapolis service center.

"Holland is the best! No one else even comes close."

For the past 17 years, Rocky has worked the midnight to 10 a.m. shift at Holland. Why that shift? "It's quiet then," Rocky laughs, "or at least until about 7 a.m. when hundreds of bills hit all at once! The time goes fast."

"Every day is different, and I like the people I work with. We've all been here about the same length of time. It's a great team. And we have a super terminal manager and regional manager."

Originally from Ohio (and still a Buckeyes fan), Rocky moved frequently before joining Holland and settling down in Indianapolis to raise his family, "Three boys and three girls—I've got the Brady Bunch!" says this proud dad. "Four graduated from college, and we've got two still to go."

Recognized as an "I Am Holland" award recipient, Rocky has his arms firmly around the core value of hard work. When the Indianapolis velocity center started, there were several weeks Rocky worked six or seven days a week.

Rocky is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself; schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

I am Holland!

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees who exemplify our core I am Holland awardvalues:

  • Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
  • Respect for each individual
  • Excellence in all areas of customer service
  • Hard work and continuous improvement

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A Place Holland Calls Home


Indiana map with Indianapolis highlighted, sites of interestIn 1825, the Erie Canal was deemed a success, and other territories were taking note. If Indiana could gain water access to the Great Lakes, it would open trade with eastern markets and spur development of the fledgling area.

As part of the 1836 Internal Improvements Bill, $3.5 million was dedicated to the 296-mile Central Canal to be built through the state. Construction quickly began in several areas. As the state's capital, the Indianapolis Division received significant attention. By 1839, water filled the Marion County canal.

The Central Canal never met its original objective but benefits did flow into Indianapolis. To build the canal, workers came, increasing the population. Water-powered turbines pumped well water for the citizenry, and a range of mills sprang up to produce wool, cotton, linseed oil, flour, paper and lumber.

Today, the Central Canal is part of a re-energized downtown Indianapolis. Renamed the Indianapolis Canal Walk, it offers walking trails and watercraft for rent, interesting architecture, waterfalls, fountains and green space.

Holland has called Indianapolis home since 1982. Geographically centered in the Holland footprint, our Indy center leads the network in the most next-day lanes and is the hub for many two-day shipments moving from one edge of the footprint to another.

With 160 doors, the Indy dock is a busy place! "We work inbound shipments from 4 a.m. to noon, outbound shipments from 1:30 p.m. to 10:30 at night, and velocity runs from midnight to 4 a.m." says service center manager Billy Lomax.

Billy adds that staying in the cycle times is paramount and requires everyone working together. "I'm really proud of our team. As an example, earlier this year, we relocated from the Greenwood center so that we could be closer to our customers. On Friday, we picked up all shipments, moved them, and on Monday, we delivered them all . . . on schedule. That's a great team."

Holland knows Indianapolis, and shippers know they can count on Holland, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Industry News

Decrease in trade deficit

Loaded cargo shipExports increased, and imports decreased in July, causing the U.S. trade deficit in goods and services to decrease to $44.8 billion, from $51.6 billion in June.

The increase in exports is primarily attributed to increases in industrial supplies and materials, capital goods, and automotive vehicles, parts and engines.

New-home starts down in August

Apartments under constructionU.S. home building starts for August were down 5 percent from July, hitting a three-month low, according to the Commerce Department.

Single-family homes were down 1.4 percent, while apartment building starts were down 12.4 percent for the month.

A sign of future construction, building permits were up 3.2 percent.

Prediction of moderate holiday retail sales increases

Woman dressed in warm clothes holding shopping bagsShopperTrak is predicting U.S. retail sales will increase 3.0 percent during November and December 2011, compared to the same period last year.

This is less than the 4.1 percent sales increase seen in the 2010 holiday season comparison to 2009.

The company also expects retail foot traffic will continue to decrease through the end of 2011.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Go online when you're ready to ship

Woman sitting in front of computer monitor with Holland site on the screenIn the September issue of
Holland Headlines,
we showed how accessing our website before you ship can give you the information you need to make smart transportation decisions.

You can find even more helpful tools at when you're ready to ship!

For example, as a registered user of our secure website, you can:

  • Complete bills of lading online to save time and minimize key stroke errors.
       The system will:
    • Pre-populate fields by integrating with your address book
    • Assign pro numbers, which display on your BOL
    • Transmit the BOL electronically into the Holland billing system, reducing the risk of data-entry errors
    • Schedule a pickup at the same time you create your online BOL
  • Use the pickup request tool to provide the advance information that ensures the correct equipment and capacity arrives at your dock, including:
    • Time of day when shipment will be available for pickup
    • Time of day when you close or stop shipping
    • Exact piece count for skids, cartons, drums, totes, etc.
    • Weight and destination ZIP code for each shipment
    • Whether cargo includes foods or poisons
  • Print shipping labels, including the ship to/from fields, PRO number and shipment reference number (e.g., purchase order numbers)
  • Track up to 20 shipments at a time by PRO, BOL or PO number, or by shipping, receiving or bill-to locations.
  • Request automatic email shipment delivery updates.

Visit today to get more information, watch demos and take tutorials on the tools that will help you when you're ready to ship.

Next month in Holland Headlines, learn about the advantages of accessing after you ship.

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