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What's New at Holland

Priority treatment for every shipment

Man talking to Holland driver, map with South Bend, Ind., highlighted, Holland tractor-trailerIt sounds pretty simple. Pick up, transport and deliver shipments.

Behind the wizard's curtain it's a whole other story! There, you'll find Holland employees in place, following a finely-tuned plan to deliver the high-quality, next-day service we're known for.

Mornings are dedicated to deliveries. Even before our drivers arrive for work, our Inbound Supervisors are developing load plans to minimize handling and to ensure that cargo is sequenced on the trailers for efficient delivery.

Drivers also prepare. "First thing I do is go through my run sheets and see what's on my trailer. I need to know which shipments have tight time constraints or require special equipment," says Randy Glenn, South Bend, Ind.,  city driver.

Then it's on to the street, making deliveries as quickly and safely as possible. Heavy traffic is part of the job, and patience is important. An unusual traffic bottleneck? "The safest thing to do is sit back and call dispatch, so they can instruct other drivers to take different routes," Randy says.

Holland drivers are professionals who know customers and understand the importance of communication. Randy explains, "For the most part, we make our deliveries before noon, and our customers are used to that. If I'm running behind schedule, I'll call dispatch so they can let our customers know when I'll be there."

Three men in warehouseWith the trailers now empty, afternoons are generally for pickups. Shipment pickup information that customers provide in advance, such as weight, handling units and destination, is relayed to dispatch, so drivers arrive on site with the right equipment and trailer capacity to pick up the shipments. When the driver makes the pickup, he or she affixes a PRO sticker to each shipment. Drivers then use a mobile device to communicate to the dispatcher, alerting the service center of the shipment's status. Customers' early pickup information and the information drivers gather are important contributing factors for getting a head start on nighttime load plans.

After the city driver returns to the service center, dock professionals quickly unload the trailer. Shipments are weighed and loaded onto outbound trailers according to plan. Information about the shipment moves even more quickly. "The destination service center knows what's coming in and begins planning loads for the next day's deliveries even before the shipments arrive at destination," says Randy.

When a trailer is full, the load is carefully blocked and braced, sealed and ready for the night driver. Holland linehaul drivers work through the night getting their cargo safely from the origin service center to the destination service center. On arrival, the shipments move off the trailer onto delivery trailers, and the process begins again.

At Holland, we closely monitor our cycles to maintain the most stringent service standards in our area, which ensure priority treatment for every shipment. It's why we're the leader in next-day deliveries, every day moving thousands of shipments hundreds of miles in 18 hours or less from service centers across our network.

Bring this level of service to your supply chain; call us at 1-866-465-5263, or visit us online today. 

Recovery in manufacturing sector fuels LTL hiring

Holland Driver Herschel EvansIn the March 28 issue of Journal of Commerce, the publication identified manufacturing growth and the reemerging need for LTL drivers and capacity.

Referencing Holland, the article points out the company’s revenue growth, increasing levels of service center activity and a recent news release signaling intent to hire 1,000 drivers this year.

“We're excited at Holland to see that our volumes are building as customers experience the quality service that our team delivers every day," says Holland President Jeff Rogers. "We have a great team at Holland, and our drivers are champions of safety and customer service. We are the on-time carrier, and our professional drivers are at the forefront of that commitment to our customers."

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News & Other Services

A winter to forget!

thermometer showing low temperatures, daffodilsNow that bulbs are blooming and trees are showing signs of life, it's easy to forget the storms that hammered our region this winter.

Holland takes pride in knowing our Freeze Protection service helped customers keep production moving. Although final figures are not yet available, we can report a six-percent increase in Freeze Protection shipments with proportionately fewer paid claims as of this writing. For us, it's gratifying to know our customers' bad memories of winter are not likely to include frozen shipments.

So while you put away the shovels, the ice melt and the winter parkas, remember Holland and our Freeze Protection service. For as sure as spring evolves into summer, winter will come again, and we'll make it another one that's easy for you to forget!

Freeze Protection is just one of the special services Holland provides. To learn about other ways we can deliver confidence to your supply chain, visit us  online or call us at 1-866-465-5263.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

I am Holland, John Payne, Wausau, Wis., highlighted on map"Communication is what makes us so good. There's always someone there to listen and respond," says John Payne, Wausau, Wis., city driver.

John explains that with Holland, there's a rare relationship between the driver, the customer and the service center management team.

“If the customer has a concern, I'll relay it to my manager, and we'll figure out a solution. It makes a world of difference, and it's been that way since I started here.

"I never had that kind of relationship at the other companies where I've worked."

John has been delivering cargo for 20 years, 15 of them with Holland. "I've covered four different areas for quite a few years now—Wausau, Phillips, Medford and Park Falls. I remember the streets and places, and that helps when we're loading trailers in the morning."

So what keeps John driving all these years? "I like the challenge when we're really busy and feeling good about what we accomplished. The best part is all the friends I've made when on the street. I see people I know and get to talk with them for a minute. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, and I think it shows in my work. I treat people openly, fairly and with respect."

In 2010, John was nominated by his co-workers and selected by Holland leadership for the coveted "I Am Holland" award, which is presented each year to employees who demonstrate the Holland core values at a distinctly high level.

John is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself; schedule your next shipment by calling at 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

I am Holland!

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees who exemplify our core I am Holland awardvalues:

  • Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
  • Respect for each individual
  • Excellence in all areas of customer service
  • Hard work and continuous improvement

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A Place Holland Calls Home

Wausau, Wis.

Wisconsin map with Wausau highlighted, sites of interestA little-known fact: 95 percent of the ginseng herbal root that the United States exports comes from Wausau, Wis.

A better-known fact: Wausau is a great place for fishing!

Northern pike, walleyes, muskie, small-mouth bass, crappies and other pan fish are pulled from Lake Wausau, the Rib, Wisconsin, and Eau Claire rivers, Schofield Pond, Eau Pleine Reservoir, and several small lakes, making the area an anglers' paradise—and not just in the summer. As soon as the ice can support them, shanties for ice fishing spring up on Lake Wausau each year.

Not all that into fishing? That's OK. Wausau gives you up-close looks at some of Mother Nature's best. Panoramic views from Rib Mountain State Park, whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Wisconsin River, the Mountain-Bay bicycle trail, and the Ice Age Trail for hiking or snowshoeing, to name a few.

Wausau is a place Holland has called home since the late 1990s, and at 26 dock doors, it is one of the smaller service centers in the Holland network. Size works to the center's advantage as it supports a diverse group of customers and offers next-day service as far as St. Louis and Toledo, Ohio.

"Some of our drivers have been running the same routes for years. They're on a first-name basis with customers, and they know how to load their customers' shipments," says Daniel Westmoreland, Wausau service center manager. "Our drivers take their jobs personally, and want to do the right thing for customers. This strong rapport with customers is an important advantage."

With temperatures averaging at-or-below 32 degrees for five months out of the year, cargo freezing while in transit is a serious concern for shippers. "Several of our customers ship chemical coating materials, which are susceptible to freezing," notes Daniel. "Our Freeze Protection service does a very good job for these customers."

Speaking for the Wausau service center, Daniel sums it up, "We want to prove that Holland is the best. We have a lot of pride, and a lot of 'can do' attitude"

Holland knows Wausau, and shippers know they can count on Holland, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Industry News

Spring flooding

car driving through deep waterThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is warning that half the United States is at above-average risk for flooding this spring.

In addition to the North Central and Midwestern sections of the country, this flood risk includes lower New York, eastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey.

Existing-home sales fall

house for saleIn its March report, the National Association of REALTORS® reported a 9.6 percent decline in existing-home sales for February.

Regionally, existing-home sales dropped 7.2 percent in the Northeast, 12.2 percent in the Midwest, 10.2 percent in the South, and 8.0 percent in the West.

Existing-home sales include completed transactions for single-family, townhomes, condominiums and co-ops.

Consumer confidence falls

Oil derricks, shadowed gas nozzle with man dangling at the endBloomberg's Consumer Comfort Index fell unexpectedly to lows not seen since March 2010.

The report suggests consumers now are concerned about rising food and energy prices (primarily the cost of gasoline) at a time when job growth is still slow in the country.

There also are spillover concerns regarding the effect of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

The automotive industry already is facing temporary plant closures because of spot parts outages. These types of events weigh on the consumer psyche and affect their confidence that economic conditions will continue to improve.

Increases in Producer Price Index

stacks of lumberThe Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in March that the Producer Price Index for finished goods, intermediate materials, supplies and components, and crude materials all rose in February.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, finished goods increased 1.6 percent.

Intermediate materials, supplies and components were up 2.0 percent, the largest increase since July 2008. Crude materials advanced 3.4 percent in February.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Expanded online tracking tools

No more wondering how your supply chain is moving! With the convenience of our expanded online tracking tools, Holland now helps you keep close tabs on all your inbound, outbound or third-party shipments with our Email Shipment Status tracking report, available to registered users on

Tracking page

This new capability expands the PRO-based tracking and notification functions many customers already count on to keep them aware of shipment movement. It now allows tracking by account or location when logged into the secure website.

shipment status notification page

When you create your account's online subscription for Email Shipment Status tracking, you decide at which point(s) you would like to receive automatic electronic notifications about your shipments: at pickup; shipment's arrival at our destination service center; when a delivery appointment is made; when the shipment goes out for delivery; or when the delivery is complete.

Registerd users of our secure website can find the Email Shipment Status tracking tool in the Tracking drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Or check out all the tutorials available online to learn how Holland e-tools can help you work smarter.

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