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Honoring all who served

As we celebrate Veteran's Day, it's the perfect time to honor all those who are now or have been members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Thank you!

U.S. Flag

Giving thanks

On this holiday dedicated to giving thanks, we add our own thank you.

Thank you for your business, the confidence you place in our services, and the opportunity to get to know you better.

We realize you have choices; thank you for choosing Holland.

Giving Thanks, squash and gourds

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Holland Rewards

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with Rewards.

Now, receive double-point credits for guaranteed, expedited and cross-border Canada shipments.

Call your account executive to learn more and to see whether you qualify.

Holland Rewards

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Still going strong

For more than 80 years, Holland has been delivering tremendous value to customers with our leadership in next-day lanes, on-time performance, low claim ratio and customerservice. And it shows!

three Holland employees with Holland truck and trailer in the background.Thanks to your confidence in Holland, our third-quarter performance continues to improve. Shipment counts and revenue remain strong, and we've maintained our profitable footing.

In addition, our Holland union professionals recently ratified a modified labor agreement that sets the stage for our long-term growth and market competitiveness. This action extends the labor contract until 2015 and enables us to improve our current services and offer new services that will better support your supply chains.

As we look to the future, we thank you for your business. Our dedicated employees stand ready to deliver confidence to meet your business needs: Call us at 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online at

Bending backwards to serve customers!

Holland Tractor TrailerMost likely, all companies tell their customers that their business is important. At Holland, we bend over backwards to show it. We know that taking care of your business sometimes means being flexible in the face of a challenge.

" . . . just got a call from a customer in Mocksville, N.C. He has gone round and round with [a competitor] re: pups versus trailers. He does not have the dock space for multiple pups.

Friday [the competitor] failed to drop or pickup the second trailer, so he called. [The competitor] advised him they could not come back for the second trailer—it was not worth it. The customer called Holland.

We had left the immediate area, but told him we'd pick up the 30' and we did.On that trailer was a guaranteed shipment for Indianapolis, and when the customer realized it, he told our driver it would never make it.

The driver said it would, and it did!

Now, the customer says he is putting everything on a couple of Holland trailers. He is not arguing with [the competitor] anymore."

—excerpted from a Holland account executive's email

Tougher than the average bear

Holland President Jeff Rogers as an Army ranger in his youth and todayIn recognition of Veterans Day, it's our honor to share the story of Holland President Jeff Rogers, one of many YRC Worldwide employees who have proudly served our country.

"I enlisted in 1980 in the Army Airborne Rangers," Rogers said. "This was right after the hostage situation in Iran, and a lot of what we did was special operations for airfields and hostage situations. I made more than 50 jumps—I jumped into Egypt, Alaska, jumped into Panama. Then I was injured in Grenada in 1983."

Decorated for his service, Rogers received the Purple Heart for wounds received during combat and the U.S. Army Medal of Commendation with a "V" for valor.

"Every military experience is different, but my four years in Special Forces shaped more of who I am today than any other period of time," Rogers says. "The Rangers were pushed to the limits in everything we did. It made me a lot tougher than the average bear."

"I learned discipline, and that's such a key in running a business. You have to have discipline to stick with what you know is right," Rogers says. "You also need the mental toughness to know you can, in fact, do what you set out to do. When you have the right plan, you need to stick with it and execute."

Rogers encourages others to enlist, noting that, "It's an honor to go and serve your country."

"You should be proud to be in the armed forces," Rogers says. "I'm proud to be part of the U.S., the best country in the world, and part of Holland and YRC Worldwide—the best darned transportation company in the world!"

Another feather

HollandWe're ecstatic! Another leader in logistics recently singled out Holland for service excellence. On Oct. 7, CoLinx, a manufacturer-owned provider of shared e-commerce and logistics services in North America, presented Holland its 2009-2010 Central Southern Carrier of the Year award.

The award recognized Holland for outstanding performance in on-time delivery, claims prevention and administrative accuracy.

"Holland has been a partner with CoLinx and its corporate predecessors for more than 35 years. In the past year, they have maintained excellent service while also demonstrating extraordinary network flexibility, which helped us adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. Holland is a company we can count on for good service," says Don Louis, CoLinx president.

"The design of the award is significant," says Holland President Jeff Rogers. "CoLinx chose to pattern their award after the inukshuk, the Inuit navigational symbol which has come to stand for friendship, cooperation and the importance of strong relationships."

Rogers explains that strong relationships are more than having rapport with customers. "They're connections supported by the right actions, and that's why our Holland culture is so important. Our values stress integrity, respect, excellence and hard work. They direct the actions of all our employees and create the kind of business relationships our customers appreciate."

This marks the eighth time this year that Holland has been honored for outstanding service quality, including two recent 2010 Quest for Quality awardsfrom the readers of Logistics Management magazine.

Let Holland bring its award-winning service to your operations. Simply go online to schedule a shipment or call us at 866-465-5263.

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News & Other Services

Heads up!

Sign up for weather alertsNow, receive automatic email weather alerts to help you plan transportation and inventory strategies when inclement weather is coming your way. You can sign-up for the alerts at

Email weather alerts are the most recent enhancement to our highly effective Freeze Protection Service. Customers who provide a valid email address will be notified in the rare event that extreme weather conditions will temporarily suspend Freeze Protection Service.

Freeze Protection Special handling and expertise 5 days a week. 99.99% delivered damage-free last season! Click for details.

For more than 40 years, Holland has been successfully protecting shipments sensitive to cold temperatures. It's easy to engage the systems, equipment and procedures we have in place to ensure products arrive on time and damage-free.

shipment wrapped in CargoQuiltsSimply mark your shipments and bills of lading with "protect from freezing" to receive this 99.9 percent claim-free service.

  • Available on all direct-service points, including Ontario and Quebec.
  • Pickups made five days a week, including Fridays.
  • CargoQuilt® covers are stocked throughout the network and available where needed.
  • Service center warm rooms are available for weekend use.

Complete a customer interest form more information, or schedule your protect-from-freezing shipment at or by calling 866-465-5263.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Bev Root, Holland HQ, Holland, Mich., highlighed on map"My favorite part of the job is talking with customers," says Bev Root, corporate accounts customer service representative. "They become more like friends, and they know they'll get the straight scoop from me."

The "straight scoop" is built on more than Bev's sense of integrity. She knows the business. "I've been in trucking for 35 years and worked in the terminals for most of that time. I can explain things to customers so they know what's happening with their shipments."

Bev also comes from a transportation family. "My dad was with Holland for 43 years, and was the Grand Rapids service center manager for many years," explains Bev. "His uncle was John Cooper, who started Holland, and Uncle John gave Dad his first job with Holland before the war."

Bev joined Holland six years ago as a customer service representative. She works with customers to schedule shipments, answer questions on specific shipments, resolve billing issues, and run a variety of reports on her customers' shipping histories.

Time and again, Bev shows she has what it takes to deliver great customer service. As she says, "You keep a smile in your voice. You tell the truth—good or bad. And you do everything you can to resolve a situation if a shipment didn't go as planned."

Bev is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself; schedule your next shipment by calling at 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

A big thank you!

Holland Tractor Trailer with Holland, Mich., highlighted on a map behind it.Customers appreciate a transportation professional who's always willing to go the extra mile.

Bev Root recently tracked down a shipment, found it, and delivered the exceptional service her customers have come to expect.

"The staff at Jarrett Logistics wants to make sure the management team at Holland knows what excellent customer service Bev Root provides to us. I have lost count of how many times I have heard in our office how much the team here appreciates everything she does.

In the lean environment that we work in today, we often are quick to point out when someone doesn't handle something the way that we want it handled. I wanted to take the time today to point out and recognize Bev for the outstanding service she provides to us.

Please pass on a big THANK YOU to Bev, not just for what she did for us with this shipment, but also what she does for us every day! It is noticed and appreciated!!!"

—Rick Steiner, Logistics Manager, Jarrett Logistics Systems Inc.

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A Place Holland Calls Home

Columbus, Ohio

Ohio map with Columbus highlighted, sites of interestWhen television host Larry King asked singer/guitarist Eric Clapton about living in Columbus, Clapton replied, "It is great. Well, it is very much like England to me. It has the same sort of countryside, rolling hills, you know, small kind of civilized communities of people that all know one another."

Located at the convergence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers, Columbus is the state capital and home to the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Modern and clean, the city features a zoo, aquarium, botanical gardens, museums, science center and parks. However, it's the distinctive and friendly neighborhoods that display the charm of Columbus.

The Short North and nearby Brewery District have been transformed from just an "old part of the city" into areas popular for art, nightlife and specialty shops. The German Village, with its brick streets and 19th century brick cottages, is the largest privately-funded historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Victorian Village is known for its large, ornate Victorian homes. For those who enjoy antiquing, a visit to the Powell neighborhood is in order. And like other college towns, the OSU campus area caters to the needs and lifestyles of students.

Then there's Dublin (home to Wendy's fast food), Hilliard (home to Clapton when in the United States), Bexley, the Bottoms, the Hilltop . . . the list of neighborhoods goes on and on. Each unique, each part of the mosaic of Columbus.

Holland has called Columbus home since 1978. In 1999, the operations moved into the current 100-dock-door service center. In terms of shipment volume, Columbus is one of the top 10 service centers in the Holland network.

"With our location, we can deliver direct next-day service to nearly every Holland service center, and with our expedited service we can reach them all," says Scott Shaffer, service center manager.

Employee longevity is also a plus, providing continuity with customers and building strong, safe-driving records. "We have several drivers who have achieved one- and two-million miles without a preventable accident," says Scott. He adds, "It's a good bunch. They know what to do, and they do it without a lot of coaching on my part."

Holland knows Columbus and shippers know they can count on Holland, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Industry News

Supply chains seen as key to retail growth and savings

woman in meeting roomAccording to Casey Chroust, executive vice president of the Retail Industry Leaders Association, "The strategic emphasis has shifted from last year's focus on cost control to a more-balanced perspective between cost and service and revenue growth." He goes on to say retailers and their supply chain organizations are "really focusing on growth-oriented supply chain issues." The association's recent study on the "State of the Retail Supply Chain" points to returning emphasis on infrastructure capacity and the importance of supply chain management.

Housing starts hit a five-month high

Men talking at construction siteNew-home building picked up in September. Housing starts were up 0.3 percent from August to an annual rate of 610,000, the highest since April. Looking toward future construction, building permits dropped 5.6 percent in September to the lowest level since April 2009; applications for multifamily units decreased 20 percent and applications for single-family units rose 0.5 percent.

U.S. trade deficit grew in August

Oriental men talking on streetFigures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed a 20 percent decline in the number of truck-involved traffic fatalities. The data for 2009 puts fatalities at the lowest level in recorded Department of Transportation history. "These latest figures illustrate the trucking industry's deep commitment to improving highway safety," says Bill Graves, president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations. "ATA will continue to advance its progressive safety agenda in an effort to further this outstanding trend."

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Holiday shipping success

MABDTight inventory management practices and apprehension about consumer spending is shifting holiday shipping activities closer to the holidays. While timelines are changing, vendor compliance with retailer delivery requirements and their scorecard performance are still top priorities for good business.

Our Multiday WindowTM Service can help you meet those Must-Arrive-By Date (MABD) compliance requirements. Multiday Window service ensures your order is delivered within your delivery window, not too early or late, eliminating costly chargebacks and noncompliance fees.

What's more, with Holland, you can easily monitor your compliance against MABD requirements when you subscribe to the E-mail Shipment Status Service Report or Status Report features available to registered users of Not a registered user? It's easy to register today.

Get the service, the reports and the peace of mind you need this holiday shipping season. Call us at 1-866-465-5263 or go online to schedule your Multiday Window shipments today.

For more information or to schedule a pickup, visit us at or call us at 1-866-465-5263.

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