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Holland Rewards

Recent Holland Million Milers

Our drivers face tough driving conditions, from congested roadways, to distracted fellow motorists, to some of the snowiest road surfaces in the country.

And it takes a career of safe driving to achieve one or two-million miles without a preventable accident.

Please join us in congratulating the following drivers, who recently achieved these significant milestones.

Wayne Bowers Jr., Decatur
Jimmy Childers, Joliet
Joseph Commins, Appleton
Patrick Gardner, Rock Island
Johannes Hansen, Fort Wayne
David Jones, Columbus
Joseph Murphy, Rockford
Joseph Ostrowski, Youngstown
Kenneth Shell, Cincinnati
Michael Sloan, Sikeston
Edwin Thatcher, Akron

Vernon Berg, South Bend
William Bills, Memphis
Joseph Davis, Columbus
Peter Dotto, Chicago
Edward Greene, Lexington
Theodore Griffin, Atlanta
Douglas Henning, Columbus
Terry Maurer, Evansville
Roy Paschal, Greensboro
James Shade, Dayton
Terry Yates, South Bend

Million Milers

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What's New at Holland

Canada service that gives you the advantage

Map highlighting Atlanta and TorontoWe're happy to report that trade with Canada is bouncing back. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, May 2010 surface transportation trade was up by 37.5 percent compared to May 2009, and total trade value was placed at $40.2 billion.

Holland can help you stake your claim on these improvements in cross-border commerce with impressive transportation services that deliver speed, reliability and expertise.

Customers know Holland is the leader in next-day service to Canada with more next-day lanes than any other provider in the region. Earlier this year, we accelerated transit times, adding more next-day service between Toronto and cities in the northern part of our region, such as Chicago, Joliet, Ill., and Wheeling, Ill. In fact, we accelerated transit times with Toronto from more than 2,000 U.S. ZIP codes.

Now look again at service maps for the southern part of our footprint, and you'll see we also have a large two-day service area into Toronto from cities such as Atlanta; Chattanooga, Ga.; Kansas City, Kan.; and Raleigh, N.C.!

Surprised? You shouldn't be! Holland continually looks for ways to improve service, and our two-day service from distant points into Toronto is just one more way we bring a competitive advantage to your supply chain.

You'll also be pleased to know that with cross-border shipments, we use the Pre-Arrival Release System (PARS). This allows your shipments to clear the border faster. In fact, more than 99 percent of Holland shipments clear the border without Customs issues.

To learn more about our next- and two-day service to Canada, go to or call 1-866-465-5263 today.

Holland named Carrier of the Year

5X Carrier of the YearIt happened again . . . and again! Holland received the most highly sought recognition: Customer acclaim.

This summer, TTS LLC, one of the fastest-growing, third-party transportation and logistics providers in the industry, named Holland its 2009 LTL Carrier of the Year.

Holland earned this recognition based on criteria, such as on-time performance, ease of use, technology and revenue for the year from TTS. Agents and employees of TTS then voted and determined Holland to be the leading provider in the LTL category.

Later in July, ChemTreat Inc., one of the largest and fastest growing specialty chemical companies in industrial water treatment, also named Holland its 2009 LTL Carrier of the Year. The decision was based on quality metrics in such categories as on-time delivery, lost and damaged product and billing accuracy. In addition to report-card results, employees in the ChemTreat traffic, shipping and receiving departments evaluated providers on a several subjective attributes. Once again, when the points were totaled, Holland was on top!

"The professionals at Holland work tirelessly to provide an exceptional customer experience," says Jeff Rogers, Holland president. "And just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's our customers who have the final say on whether we are delivering that level of service. It's very gratifying for all of us when customers confirm our hard work is having a positive effect on their business."

Other recent customer kudos include: the 2009 Supplier Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year from Eastman Chemical Company; a 2009 Regional Carrier of the Year Award from Echo Global Logistics; and a 2009 Carrier of the Year award from Hamilton Sundstrand Logistics Council.

You, too, can experience award-winning service when you call Holland at 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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News & Other Services

Professionalism drives Holland drivers

This month, four Holland drivers put their driving skills and knowledge of vehicle operation and federal safety regulations to the test at the National Truck Driving Championships in Columbus, Ohio.

Stop-watch with guaranteed window times

Marty Blandford, Indiana (5-Axle); Michael Gaskins, Georgia (Tanker); Ken Nichols, North Carolina (5-Axle); and Jeff Whitaker, North Carolina (4-Axle) competed in a field of 400 state-level champions. We're proud of the fine performances of our Holland drivers and the professionalism they displayed in Columbus.

Professional drivers are the foundation of Holland, and you'll see evidence of their experience, expertise, hard work and caring attitude everyday, not just at driving competitions.

Take Ken Nichols and his commitment to excellence. In preparation for Columbus, Ken took a week's vacation washing, detailing and repainting his rig to make sure it looked its very best.

Marty Blandford has been a driver for 32 years, and he makes safety a way of life. This year marks Marty's seventh trip to the National Truck Driving Championships, and he's been accident-free for 30 years.

Jeff Whitaker's dedication doesn't stop at the end of his shift. He works after hours staying up-to-date on regulations and professional skills.

And Mike Gaskins takes steps to expand the breadth of his driving expertise, becoming proficient in the operation of different classes of equipment, even winning a state championship in the tanker class.

The professionalism of our drivers is expressed in many ways, and they all lead to better service for our customers. See the difference for yourself. Call Holland at 866-465-5263 or go online to  hollandregional.comto schedule your next shipment.

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A Place Holland Calls Home


Sears Tower, Chicago Map, Illinois State Seal, Chicago skylineCommerce and transportation go together like peanut butter and jelly, and no city knows this better than Chicago. In 1833, about 150 people called Chicago home, the local economy was based on the fur trade, and Fort Dearborn was built to protect U.S. interests at the nearby trading posts. Today, almost 3 million people live in the Chicagoland area—which makes Chicago the largest city in the Midwest—and local industry ranges from chewing gum to aerospace.

Water transportation contributed to the city's growth. Farmers brought their harvests to Chicago, and steamboats and flatboats connected Chicago to the trading ports of St. Louis and New Orleans. In 1825, when the Erie Canal was completed, which linked the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and ultimately to New York City, Chicago suddenly was an access point to markets in the East.

The importance of the Erie Canal was not lost on Chicago's founding fathers. In 1848, a 96-mile canal opened that connected Lake Michigan to the Illinois River, which flows into the Mississippi River. Voila! Chicago was at the heart of commerce from New York to New Orleans and all points in between.

What the waterways did for Chicago's trade with the Eastern U.S. markets, the railroads accomplished in the West. In the late 1840s, financiers, engineers and political leaders got serious about railroad construction and by 1856, 100 trains a day went in and out of Chicago. By 1869, with the completion of the transcontinental railroad, cargo from Chicago could be sold in California.

After World War II, the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 brought improved roadways, and new interstate highways provided more opportunities for trade. Interstate highways now criss-cross the Chicagoland area carrying trailers full of goods.

Today, we live in a global economy, and as many Holland customers know, Chicago remains a leading hub for commerce, moving shipments beyond U.S. markets to those in Europe and Asia.

From our earliest days, Holland has called Chicago home. Our very first transit lane, driven in 1929 by our founder, John Cooper, connected Western Michigan farmers with buyers in Chicago. Yes, Holland knows Chicago, and shippers know they can count on Holland, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Industry News

U.S. consumer spending and incomes stall

empty shopping cartsSpending in June remained flat, following a 0.1 percent gain in May. For the first time since September, incomes did not go up, and the unemployment rate is close to a 26-year high. While the savings rate is at its highest level in a year, economists are mixed on what this means for consumer spending.

Cargo scanning rules challenged

container shipmentsThe bipartisan Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection is urging the Department of Homeland Security to repeal the rules requiring 100 percent scanning of ocean cargo and 100 percent screening of air cargo. The committee favors shifting the supply chain security efforts to air and land transportation security with risk-based measures that target high–risk shipments.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Four steps for successful shipping to Canada

Canada flag stuck in Ontario mapUse the following step-by-step instructions to take the guesswork out of shipping to Canada.

And remember, complete information helps eliminate delays and avoid additional charges.

  1. Collect information for export documentation
    • Shipper information: name, address, and telephone number
    • Importer information: name, address, telephone number, and name and telephone number of Canadian customs broker
    • Shipment information: complete the Canadian Customs Invoice with description and value of each item, name of customs broker and country of origin where goods are produced, manufactured or grown
  2. Pack and label your shipments
    • Pack in appropriate boxes, cartons, pallets, etc.
    • Label each unit clearly with the shipper and consignee names and addresses
  3. Complete and provide all required export documentation
    • Bills of lading completed in full, including customs broker information
    • Canada Customs Invoice (CCI)—required for northbound shipments—the importer's customs broker will advise if any other documentation is required
  4. Call Holland for a pickup at 1-866-465-5263
    • Customs clearance process begins instantly after your shipment information is entered into the Holland system.
    • Customs release information is electronically processed before the shipment reaches the border with our participation in the Canada Customs Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS).
    • Scan and email documents to or fax to 905-451-4814.

Now relax. Shipment delays are virtually eliminated when the Holland Customs Center coordinates clearance with customs brokers and Canada Customs, and you'll receive documented delivery to the Canadian consignee.

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