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Serving those who serve

With a sense of duty, flexibility and pride, Holland did the difficult so that a shipment of food items destined for our troops could be delivered ahead of schedule.

It was Good Friday when a call came in to our Chicago service center, asking about a shipment that was already on a trailer scheduled for delivery on Monday.

The caller needed the shipment sooner than that.

On hearing the words "our military," supervisor John Marshall told the caller "you'll get your shipment today." 

Because of the holiday, the service center was short-staffed, but that didn't stop Holland from unloading the trailer, retrieving the shipment and delivering it that afternoon.

We are thankful for employees like John Marshall and the Chicago team who make the right things happen.

Serviceman Saluting with U.S. flag in background

Holland Rewards

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with Rewards.

Now, receive double-point credits for guaranteed, expedited and cross-border Canada shipments.

Call your account executive to learn more and to see whether you qualify.

Holland Rewards

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What's New at Holland

Holland ranks high with customersWoman making OK symbol with thumb and fingertestimonial





Every day, we strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience, so we think it's pretty great when our customers award us for our efforts. In April, we got the hat trick with three customers recognizing our contributions to their supply chains.

Hamilton Sundstrand rated Holland its #1 transportation provider for 2009, stating, ". . . your on-time performance is consistently very high, and the claim ratio is very low," adding that "Holland provides monthly metrics for service and claims that illustrate the consistency of service." With more than 50 large facilities worldwide, Hamilton Sundstrand is among the world's largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and industrial products. With headquarters in Windsor Locks, Conn., the company had $5.6 billion in revenue in 2009.

Eastman Chemical Company honored Holland with its 2009 Supplier Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year. In presenting the award, the customer recognized our contributions in the areas of logistics shipping performance and meeting customers' service expectations. Eastman provides chemical, fiber and plastic materials that its customers use as key ingredients to make products people use every day. With headquarters in Kingsport, Tenn., the company had $5 billion in revenue in 2009.

Echo Global Logistics selected Holland as its 2009 Regional Carrier of the Year. Echo is a leading provider of technology-enabled business process outsourcing, serving the transportation and logistics needs of its clients. With headquarters in Chicago the company had $259 million in revenue in 2009.

Add award-winning service to your supply chain today.

Call 1-866-465-5263 or go to to schedule your next shipment.

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News & Other Services

Work less, accomplish more using

Recent enhancements to can save you time and effort when scheduling transportation.

Holland Regional web page

Here's a quick overview of the new features available to registered users of the site:

  • Find user tips quickly now that they are in the tools. Simply click a question mark in a tool section header for context-sensitive help.
  • Change a default location when scheduling transportation simply by clicking the arrow on Choose Location and selecting the desired address.
  • Maintain a list of shipper, consignee and third-party contact information with our new Address Book tool (look in the Shipping Tools menu). In addition to managing and storing information, you can select address entries from your Address Book as you create your bill of lading (BOL).
  • Schedule a pickup at the same time you submit your online BOL. Just click the Schedule Pickup box on the BOL screen.
  • Use our Bill of Lading tool and new Address Book to create BOLs for any carrier, not just Holland.

Not registered to use secure tools?

Simply go to the My Account section near the upper-left corner. Click Register today, then complete your registration and click Submit. That's all it takes to enjoy all the benefits of our interactive website. Check it out for yourself at

Forgot your password? That's easy to fix, too!

Holland pride runs deep

Most Holland customers work with only our front line—a pickup and delivery driver, customer service representative or account executive. What you don't see are the hundreds of Holland employees who help ensure you receive an exceptional customer experience every day.

Lon MortzI Am Holland Award Winner Lon Mortz is one example. In a world that relies on technology, Lon makes sure our desktop computers and technology systems are working properly.

Thanks to Lon's help, employees stay equipped to do their jobs, delivering seamless service to your business.


Lloyd BognerLloyd Bogner in Pricing is another I Am Holland recipient who exemplifies our core values. He understands the importance of providing solutions to problems and resolving issues.

And Lon understands that a sense of urgency is part of providing great customer service.

Even in a company where personal commitment is the norm, a few employees stand out. These are the employees who take our core values to heart and weave them into their jobs. These are the employees who receive our prestigious I Am Holland award.

From our back office to your dock, Holland pride and commitment run deep in our company. Experience the difference for yourself. Call 1-866-465-5263 or go to to schedule your next shipment.

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Industry News

Customer confidence on the rise

Man carrying briefcaseWith employers adding 162,000 jobs in March, and first quarter consumer spending predicted to more than double the fourth-quarter 2009 rate, the Conference Board's April confidence index was 57.9, the highest since September 2008.



ATA says a VMT tax would be costly

truckIn a recent news release, the American Trucking Association announced it would oppose a Vehicle Miles Tax (VMT), believing the traditional system of registration fees and fuel taxes remains the most efficient way to fund highway projects. While the passenger car market is seeing an influx of hybrid and electric technology, there currently isn't a readily available alternative to diesel fuel for over-the-road trucks.

Volcanic eruption challenges inventory strategies

Volcano vaporsLean inventory strategies, which were effective during the recession, are causing problems for companies with shipments held up because of the volcano eruption in Iceland. Bill Carreira, CEO of Carreira Consulting warns companies not to overreact to a "once-in-a-lifetime event," and recommends they maintain emergency inventor..


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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Multitask with our online bill of lading

Holland regional bill of lading

Our  updated online bill of lading (BOL) can make your life easier while it helps ensure your shipment moves smoothly through the Holland system.

For example, the online BOL automatically assigns your pro number, which displays on your BOL PDF document and BOL confirmation screen. The BOL is transmitted electronically into the Holland billing system, reducing the risk of dat-entry errors, which helps ensure data integrity and enhances shipment tracking throughout the shipment life cycle.

Also, when you create your BOL online, you can schedule a pickup at the same time.Check the Schedule a Pickup box at the top of the BOL Creation page, and your pickup automatically is scheduled when you submit your BOL. This saves you time—no need for a phone call or to complete a separate online pickup request.

Continuous improvement is a core value at Holland, and improvements to our online bill of lading are just the latest examples.

Become a registered user at and see how we're working hard to make your life easier!

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