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Experience regional expertise with Holland
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I Am Holland: Jamal Sanham

Jamal is a city driver at our Wheeling, Ill., service center who handles airport pickups and deliveries.

He knows the airport inside and out, and customers know he'll get the job done.

If a problem does come up, Jamal gets the information and gets it corrected.

Jamal delivers confidence every day, contributing to our on-time, damage-free service. And he has earned our prestigious "I Am Holland" award for demonstrating at a high level our core values of integrity, respect for others, excellence in all areas of customer service and dedication to hard work and continuous mprovement.

Jamal Sanham

Holland Rewards

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with awards.

Call your account executive to learn more and to see whether you qualify.

Holland Rewards

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Next-Day Experts

Did you miss out on our previous Holland Next-day Experts promotion?

If yes, there still may be time for you to enroll in our new February/March edition of this popular shipper program.

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What's New at Holland

Business at Holland is on a roll

Holland Tractor-trailertestimonial






In third quarter 2009 when Holland made a profit, we were pretty darn happy. Now, it turns out that our fourth-quarter results are even stronger. Taken in light of the soft economy—we're ecstatic!

Thank you for shipping with Holland. In your comments, you're telling us that the reason you're shipping more with Holland is our high-quality service. For more than 80 years, we've valued hard work and continuous improvement, and it shows in our consultative approach with customers; accelerated transit times; and industry-leading, on-time and damage-free service.

Recent survey results indicate that a majority of shippers are optimistic about their business levels this year, and 85 percent of regular shippers say they intend to increase or maintain their business levels with YRC Worldwide companies. As your business returns to more normal levels, Holland will be there to help, delivering confidence for your supply chain with every shipment, every day.

Accelerating cross-border commerce

Toronto SkylineBilateral trade with Canada is estimated at an amazing $1.5 billion a day. Two-way commerce across the Ambassador Bridge alone is roughly equivalent to all U.S. exports to Japan. When it comes to shipping in and out of Toronto, clearly, you need an advantage! You need Holland.

Holland is C-TPAT and CFA-certified, and certified compliant with U.S. Homeland Security and Department of Transportation regulations. This means your shipments cross the border in minutes, not hours, for faster delivery to their final destination.

In addition to fast border crossings, Holland offers more next-day service in and out of Toronto than any other provider in the region, including next-day service with Chicago, Joliet and Wheeling, Ill.; Cincinnati; Huntington, W.Va.; Indianapolis; and Lexington, Ky. An added benefit of  more next-day service with Toronto is more two-day service, including accelerated lanes with Joplin and Kansas City, Mo.; Memphis, Tenn.; Springfield, Ill.; and Worthington, Minn.

Accelerate your supply chain in and out of Toronto; book your next shipment online at

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News & Other Services

Guaranteed precision to meet MABD delivery windows

calendarAre your customers tightening their supply chains with "must-arrive-by-date" (MABD) delivery windows? If so, the pressure is on you to meet those dates . . . or face fines or chargebacks.

Holland can help. Our Guaranteed Window Delivery ensures shipments arrive on time—not early, not late—and receive priority handling, visibility, proactive notification and delivery confirmation.

The Holland Guaranteed Window Delivery also helps you improve supplier scorecard performance and better manage inventory levels.

Holland offers four levels of automated shipment delivery windows—single-hour, multi-hour, single-day and multi-day—all backed by our guarantee.

Guaranteed Window Delivery is one more way Holland delivers confidence. Other guaranteed delivery options include Guaranteed Delivery by 9 a.m., noon and 3:30 p.m.

Take steps now to avoid chargebacks from shipments arriving too early or too late. Get started now with Guaranteed Window Delivery by contacting your account executive, submitting a request for more information, or by visiting us at

Damage-free delivery keeps your operations at peak performance

99.8% damage-free shipmentsProducts damaged in shipping can drain precious time from your personal schedule and potentially harm relationships with your customers. With Holland, shipments move 99.8 percent damage-free.

Your shipments will arrive intact and on time, which means:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Fewer production delays
  • Less rework
  • Less costly clerical involvement to reconcile damages
  • Fewer adverse engagements between your customer and its clients

And because Holland receives so few claims, when one is filed, you can count on a speedy resolution.

Holland has the people, processes and services to keep shipments moving damage-free. Along with the most next-day lanes in the region comes reduced handling and less chance of damage. Our Freeze Protection service helps maintain product integrity during winter months. And with 42 percent of our linehaul drivers boasting safety records of 1 million miles or more of accident-free driving, it's unlikely your shipments will be damaged while on the road.

To experience 99.8 percent damage-free delivery for yourself, contact your local Holland service center or visit us online at

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News From YRC Worldwide

Q4 results report year-over-year and continued sequential improvement

Referencing, among other things, the turnaround of the regional business, Chairman and CEO of YRC Worldwide Bill Zollars said, "We continued our positive momentum in the fourth quarter . . . With our significantly improved balance sheet and additional liquidity resulting from our debt-for-equity exchange, we entered 2010 on a more solid financial base with good momentum." Read the press release.

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Industry News

DOT issues texting ban

TextingThe U.S. Department of Transportation issued federal guidance banning texting by drivers of commercial vehicles, such as large trucks and buses, as a way to discourage distracted driving. The prohibition goes into effect immediately.

Holland understands the dangers of such distractions. Our operating procedures prohibit the use of cell phones with or without hands-free technology while operating a company vehicle unless the driver first pulls off to a safe location or legally parks the vehicle.

Continued expansion in manufacturing sector

gas tanksJanuary performance marked the sixth straight month of growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector.

The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) rose 3.5 percent to 58.4 percent, almost matching the 58.5 percent mark of August 2004.

The U.S. Commerce Department reported gross product expansion of 5.7 percent. "This month's report provides significant assurance that the manufacturing sector is in recovery," says Norbert J. Ore, chair of the ISM survey committee. "Both the new orders and production indexes are above 60 percent, indicating strong current and future performance for manufacturing."

President proposes national export initiative

shipIn his State of the Union address, President Obama proposed a national export initiative as one way to recover from the recession.

The proposal aims to create jobs to build infrastructure, reform export controls and support exports by small businesses and farmers.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

New tool clarifies environmental effect of transportation activities

Green Balance CalculatorWorking in partnership with Sustainable Travel International (STI), YRC Worldwide introduced its new Green Balance Calculator, giving customers the capability to measure and voluntarily offset the carbon footprint of their shipments.

The Green Balance Calculator evaluates eight transportation activities that produce or influence carbon emissions: fuel, rail miles, air miles, electricity, hotel nights, employee commuting, rental car miles and employee reimbursed miles.

YRCW is the only less-than-truckload transportation provider to partner with customers on improving environmental sustainability through the use of a carbon emissions calculator.

Using the Green Balance Calculator, a customer first completes the requested information fields. STI evaluates the data and provides an estimate of the carbon footprint by transportation activity.

The estimate then leads the customer to a variety of certified carbon offset choices where they can make a tax-deductible contribution to STI. The charitable transaction to offset the emissions is between the customer and STI. Read more.

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