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Happy Thanksgiving!

Historically, Thanksgiving was a day set aside to show gratitude for a good harvest.

It is in this tradition that we thank you for your business this past year.

We know you have choices in transportation.

We hope that by our employees working hard to deliver confidence to your supply chain, you'll continue to choose Holland.

Thanksgiving squash, pumpkin

Sign up today for our Next-Day Experts program

We're so confident you'll like our next-day service that we're willing to give you $100 toward a future shipment if we fail to deliver on time and damage-free. 

Talk to your account executive to learn how to qualify for our Next-Day Experts program.

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Save those shipments from freezing

Mark your shipments and bills of lading with "Protect from Freezing" to receive specialized freeze-protection services:

> Available on all direct-service points, including Ontario and Quebec
> Pickups made 5 days a week, including Fridays
> Featuring technically engineered and environmentally friendly CargoQuilt® covers
> Warm rooms available for weekend use

Find out more.

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Holland Pride

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From golf balls to work gloves, our online store offers handy reminders that Holland is the leader in next-day service in the region.
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What's New at Holland

Good quarter, great future!

Use our freeze-protection service.With YRC Regional Transportation and YRC Logistics turning a profit and substantial operating cash flow improvements, YRC Worldwide performance gained significant momentum during the third quarter, despite the continued economic downturn.

Holland was a big contributor to that success. As the best next-day service provider in the region, customers experience the value only Holland can deliver—the most next-day lanes, extremely reliable on-time service and a claim ratio that’s about half the industry average.

The future looks even brighter.

Our lending group understands our plan to manage through this down economy, and they are working with us to make our plan work. New agreements give us more runway while our customers benefit from a slowly improving economy.

Our velocity centers and a re-engineered network build load density for service levels that will remain strong when the economy recovers.

And service portfolio enhancements, such as newly accelerated transit lanes and additional Guaranteed and Expedited services give Holland the flexibility to better meet your supply chain needs.

That's confidence delivered!

Stay nimble, stay in control

Guaranteed Window delivery puts you in controlA nimble supply chain gives you the control to quickly adjust to market demand. And reliable transportation, which makes sure your shipments arrive where and when they're needed, is essential.

That's why so many vendors to the retail giants are turning to Holland Guaranteed and Expedited services.

Holland Guaranteed Window Delivery puts you in control of when your products arrive. You maintain positive scorecard results and avoid the chargebacks associated with deliveries arriving too early or too late.

With Guaranteed deliveries before 9 a.m., before noon, and before 3:30 p.m., your shipments arrive with time for them to be inventoried and on the floor for sales that same day.

With Holland Guaranteed and Expedited services, you:

  • Increase your supply-chain effectiveness with flexible and precise delivery capabilities
  • Improve scheduling with dedicated tracking and proactive notification
  • Enhance business planning with real-time email updates
  • Experience priority handling and increased visibility
  • Gain peace of mind

And isn't that a welcome holiday present!

To schedule the services that keep your supply chain nimble and you in control, simply go to today!

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News & Other Services

"I am Holland": Brian Hasting

I Am Holland: Brian HastingBrian is a dock worker in our Indianapolis service center. He makes sure shipments leave the dock with the most efficient, best chance for fastest delivery possible. His forklift skills are of the highest quality. He shows a family spirit towards all and sees only common objectives and ways to accomplish them.

Why are we introducing you to Brian?

Even in a company where personal commitment is the norm, a few employees stand out. Brian is one of them. He is a 2009 recipient of our prestigious "I am Holland" award, given in recognition of his integrity, respect for others, excellence in all areas of customer service, and dedication to hard work and continuous improvement.

We know your perception of Holland is only as good as your last shipment. One way to make sure your experiences with Holland are always of the highest caliber is by recognizing and rewarding employees who demonstrate excellence in customer service.

We're proud to have Brian, and all the "I am Holland" recipients, on the Holland team.

We'll share more of their stories with you in future issues of Holland Headlines.

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News From YRC Worldwide

YRCW a G25 Supply Chain Partner

I Am Holland: Brian HastingIn its inaugural listing, Inbound Logistics named YRC Worldwide one of its 25 Green Supply Chain Partners (G25), citing our strategies to promote greenhouse gas reduction, waste reduction and conservation.

According to the editors, "The purpose of this index is twofold. We want to celebrate companies that are on the cutting edge of green; and we want to provide shippers examples of how service providers are making the sustainability leap..."

Learn more at YRCW destination > green.

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Industry News

NAFTA surface trade moves up over prior month

Industry NewsAccording to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the U.S. Department of Transportation, surface transportation trade with Canada and Mexico was up 5.3 percent in August over the prior month, making August the third consecutive month to show a slower rate of decline since the May 2009 low point. 

Overall, NAFTA surface trade in August was down 24.9 percent over prior year.

U.S. exports to Canada were down 17 percent; imports were down 26.1 percent.  

ISM indices rise in October

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reported sharp increases in new orders, production, employment and its PMI index during October. However, the ISM's Manufacturing Business Survey Committee chair, Norbert Ore, cautions that the numbers may be a bit too high, and most likely will drop next month, saying "This is not a robust economy." 

Commodity prices hit year high

The Journal of Commerce and the Economic Cycle Research Institute reported in their Industrial Price Index that prices on goods used in manufacturing hit a year high for the week ending Oct. 30. This is 15 points higher than the same time last year. The index growth rate also hit a record high for 2009.

Read more Industry Insights at YRCW Insight.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Save time online

Man at PCHolland makes booking a shipment even faster when you go to

Create your bill of lading (BOL) and then click the button that takes you to the pickup request page.

There, you'll see your pickup request form pre-populated with information from your BOL.

Or complete a pickup request, and then go to the pre-populated BOL page.

No more typing the same information over and over again.

Best of all, you can book your shipment when it's most convenient for you!

Login now and discover all the ways can help you save time today.

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