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Aged to Perfection

Like fine wine, good cheese, and classic cars, time makes the difference. We're proud to celebrate 80 years of delivering quality service to our customers.

Over the years, we've grown, and we've gotten better.

Today, we're the leader in next-day service in our region.

Our on-time performance is over 97%.

And at 0.5%, our claims ratio is half the industry average.

Experience the difference 80 years of service can make in your supply chain.

Aged to perfection

From a Satisfied Knoxville Customer

Customer Note:
Thanks so much for the follow-up on these [hot shipments].

It means a lot to me personally knowing I can count on the Holland Team.

I can honestly say, your company is one of the few that appreciates the business and doesn't mind going the extra mile to satisfy your customer.

Thanks from Knoxville.

From a satisfied Knoxville customer

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What's New at Holland

Holland Wins Quest for Quality Award—Again and Again!

Holland wins Quest for Quality Award — again and again!Despite recessionary conditions and aggressive competition, Holland remains true to its primary goal--delivering outstanding customer service. And our customers value us for it.

In the Logistics Management 2009 readership survey, Holland earned the vote of confidence from shippers, receiving the Quest for Quality award in both the LTL Midwest/North Central and the Expedited Motor Carrier categories.

The Quest for Quality award gives buyers of transportation and logistics services the opportunity to express their satisfaction by rating providers on service quality. This year, the magazine received 6,485 responses to its survey.

Shippers vote on the attributes of on-time performance, value, customer service, information technology and equipment/operations to identify the transportation providers that are delivering world-class service.

For 24 consecutive years, Holland has received a Quest for Quality award. Experience our award-winning service for yourself:

  • The most next-day lanes in the region
  • On-time performance over 97%
  • Claims ratio that's half the industry average
  • More expedited and time-based options

More information on the Quest for Quality award can be found on

Teamsters Ratify Contract Changes

Teamsters ratify contract changesYRC Worldwide Inc. announced a major step forward in the company's comprehensive plan, with a majority of its employees represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters ("IBT") voting "yes" to ratify a modified labor agreement.

The contract changes enable the company to reduce its cost structure, preserve capital, and be more competitive in the marketplace.

"This vote sends a clear message to our customers and our competitors. We are moving forward together, and we're moving forward with confidence, delivering uninterrupted and unparalleled service in our superior networks," said Mike Smid, President of YRC Inc. and Chief Operations Officer of YRC Worldwide.

With the support of our employee-owners and other stakeholders, YRC Worldwide continues to make progress with our comprehensive recovery plan--realizing efficiencies from the YRC integration, restoring financial strength, and positioning YRC Worldwide for future success.*

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News & Other Services

Holland Today, Results Tomorrow

Holland today, results tomorrowHolland leads the field with the most next-day service lanes in the region. In fact, we have 3,348 next-day lanes (between our 57 service centers) in and between the twenty-one states and two Canadian provinces listed below:

Alabama Michigan South Carolina
Arkansas Minnesota South Dakota
Georgia Missouri Tennessee
Illinois Nebraska West Virginia
Indiana New York Wisconsin
Iowa North Carolina Ontario
Kansas Ohio Quebec
Kentucky Pennsylvania  

Next-day service speeds up supply chains. Orders placed on Monday morning can be shipped and delivered on Tuesday--often before noon--with standard service. This ensures your products get to market quickly and your customers remain thoroughly satisfied.

Equally important as next-day speed is next-day reliability that you can count on. That's Holland.

Holland delivers over 97% on time against the most stringent next-day transit times in its region. That means production lines stay on schedule and retail inventory can be restocked--with confidence--based on demand.

Discover the business advantages of next-day service. Contact your account executive or call 1-800-456-6322.

Ready and Waiting for the Economy to Rebound

Ready and waiting for the economy to reboundSome economists predict the recession has reached the bottom and the direction from here is up. Holland is better than ever when the economy rebounds.

During this down economy, we've taken steps to improve our service to our customers. We're leaner, more efficient, and ready for the future. We have remained true to our plan to be the best transportation provider in our footprint.

We've redesigned our network to build greater density. This helps us more efficiently handle your shipments. Shipments arrive earlier in the day and with less damage.

For 80 years, Holland has delivered confidence to our customers. And that's our commitment for the next 80 years!

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Industry Information

U.S. Manufacturing Performed Better than Anticipated

U.S. manufacturing performed better than anticipatedAccording to a release issued by the Institute for Supply Management on August 3, "The decline in manufacturing was slower in July when compared to June, as the more leading components of the PMI--the New Orders and Production Indexes--rose significantly above 50 percent, thus setting an expectation for future growth in the sector. The Employment and Inventories Indexes are still contracting, but the rate is slowing, and they are moving in the right direction." . . . "Overall, it would be difficult to convince many manufacturers that we are on the brink of recovery, but the data suggests that we will see growth in the third-quarter if the trends continue."

NAFTA Trade Drops 35.4 Percent in May

NAFTA trade drops 35.4% in MayThe Bureau of Transportation Statistics for the U.S. Department of Transportation revealed that trade using surface transportation between the United States, Canada and Mexico experienced its largest year-over-year decline on record for the North American Free Trade Agreement partners. Imports from Canada and Mexico into the United States in May were down 38.1 percent from the previous year. Exports from the United States  were down 32 percent.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Automatic Daily Tracking Brings Shipment Status to Your Email

Automatic daily tracking brings shipment status to your e-mailIf knowledge is power, then our website's automatic daily tracking feature will make you a super hero!

Automatic daily tracking helps you stay on top of inbound shipments to better manage inventory and staffing levels. Or track outbound shipments and wow your clients with your customer service.

With our online automatic daily tracking, information on a shipment's status is delivered right to your email inbox. What's more, it's easy to set up!

  1. Visit and click on the login box in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Click on "Report It"
  3. In the "Location Tracking" section, click on "Create Subscriptions"
  4. Select "In-transit" or "Shipped yesterday"; select "Inbound" or "Outbound"; then click on "Create Subscription." Reports will be delivered automatically to your email address. Every day!

And remember, you can request multiple subscriptions, depending on your needs.

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*Statements made in this document that are not purely historical are forward-looking statements. This includes statements regarding the company's expectations and intentions on strategies regarding the future. It is important to note that the company's future results could differ materially from those projected in such forward-looking statements due to a variety of factors. The format of this document does not allow us to fully discuss all of these risk factors. For a full discussion, please refer to our earnings release and our SEC filings, including our 10K and 8K filing.
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