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Making Giant Strides in Transportation for 80 Years

Times change and so has the look of Holland. Do you remember the Big Dutchman? His image was on our fleet for 55 years! Over the years, our logo changed, but our commitment to on-time, claim-free, next-day service is as big as ever!

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What's New at Holland

Confidence Delivered in Next-Day Deliveries

Holland is the leader in next-day deliveries in the Central U.S./Canada. Prove it to yourself with our Next-Day Experts program.

With Next-Day Experts, we commit to on-time delivery on your next-day shipments. If between now and August 15, 2009 we do not deliver next-day on any qualifying* shipment, we'll give you $100 toward a shipment in September.

Holland has been providing next-day delivery for 80 years. We're built for next-day business, with more lanes, higher reliability and fewer claims than any other transportation provider in our region.

Call your Holland account executive today to learn more about the Holland Next-Day Experts program.

*Eligible shipments must be outbound to Holland direct, standard-service next-day delivery points. You will receive a free LTL shipment sticker (valid up to $100) off any shipment in September 2009 if we do not meet delivery on any qualifying shipment.

Working Hard Works

Holland was built on hard work.

Katherine Cooper, co-founder of Holland in 1929, once wrote, "No one knows the hours that Mr. Cooper drove the one truck. He picked up his loads, drove to Chicago (took 10 hours), unloaded his load, picked up another one and came back. When did he sleep? Well, on Saturday night, he got a clothes change and a bath and really put in hours of sleeping to be ready for the following week..."

Today, hard work and continuous improvement are the core values we work by every day.

It's this work ethic that got us through the Great Depression and all the recessions that have followed since. It's this work ethic that makes us your source for regional expertise today. And it's this work ethic that will deliver industry-leading service in the future.

Experience the benefits our work ethic and our drive to deliver on-time, every time can make on your business. Schedule a shipment today by calling your local Holland service center or go online to

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Industry Information

IMF Sees Stronger Global Rebound

In early July, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its forecast, predicting the global economic rebound next year will be stronger than it previously forecast. It cites stabilization in financial systems and moderation in the pace of contractions in the U.S. and Japan. While various international organizations report on financial trends, the IMF has been one of the most pessimistic of late, making its forecast change all the more encouraging.

Highway Safety Improves

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the number of truck-involved fatalities declined 12 percent in 2008, bringing it to the lowest level since the U.S. Department of Transportation began keeping those statistics in 1975. In addition, the NHTSA study also reveals that overall motor vehicle fatalities are down 9.7 percent, their lowest level since 1961.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

You're Supporting Environmental Sustainability When You Ship with Holland

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded the highest ranking in its SmartWay™ voluntary emission program to the companies of YRC Worldwide (our corporate parent). This is the fifth consecutive year we've received this honor since the EPA launched the program in 2004 to address the environmental and economic challenges surrounding growth in the freight industry.

To be eligible, we had to submit to the EPA an annual fleet model profile that takes into consideration our emission reduction strategies. We are pleased that our efforts have again earned such high marks in the SmartWay Partnership recognition. For more information on our efforts in environmental sustainability, go to Destination Green.

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News/Other Services

Stay at Peak Performance with Claim-Free Service

Products damaged in shipping can drain precious time from your work schedule and potentially harm relationships with your customers. Holland delivers 99.8% damage-free to keep your supply chain at peak performance.

Holland engineers reliability into its systems and processes. When shipments arrive intact and on time you experience:

  • Fewer production delays
  • Less rework
  • Less costly clerical involvement to reconcile damages
  • Fewer adverse engagements between you and your customer and your customer and his/her clients

For reliability and quality handling for your supply chain, contact your local Holland service center or visit us online at

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