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Celebrating 80 years of regional expertise

Back in the early days, farmers counted on Holland to get their crops from Holland, MI to the markets in Chicago. In some cases, there was a whole year’s worth of work . . . and income . . . riding in our trucks.

Back then, it was our solemn pledge to earn the trust of our customers.

Some things don’t change.

Today, you have more choices in transportation but you still deserve high value.

Our commitment to regional expertise and leadership in on-time, claims-free service has never wavered.

You can count on Holland.

Guided by our core values

At Holland, our core values are more than just words on a wall. They are the words we live by.

While technology increases the speed of supply chains and global markets bring opportunities and challenges, our core values have stood the test of time.

They are the foundation for the service excellence you experience with Holland.

--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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What's New at Holland

Holland--the next day delivery experts

Holland connects shippers to their next-day destinations up to, and beyond, 500 miles each and every day. In fact, over 70% of all shipments tendered to Holland deliver the very next day (and nearly half of them in the morning).

Based on a recent analysis of carrier transit times within the Holland network--Holland delivers next-day in over 53% of its service center lanes. That's over five percent more next-day lanes than any other LTL carrier competing in the Holland service territory.

So what does Holland next-day coverage look like? Consider our Indianapolis service center as a good example. Not only does Holland deliver next-day from Indianapolis to traditional one-day markets in IN, IL, MI, OH and KY . . . they also deliver next-day to points as far as Charlotte, NC (574 miles), Rochester, NY (568 miles), and Minneapolis, MN (590 miles).

Now consider what next-day expertise can mean for your business! Instruct vendors to ship with Holland and you can better manage your inventory levels, get your products to market faster, avoid production delays and reduce your holding costs--or simply be a hero to your customers by providing them with quality service as an extension of your order fulfillment process.

Oh, and by the way, that's just our standard next-day service capabilities. Holland also provides expedited next-day service in many lanes that are up to, or greater than, 750 miles--and at almost half the price of what most traditional expeditors would charge for comparable service.

Enter origin and destination ZIP codes on and see how the Holland Next-Day Experts can help increase the speed and precision of your supply chain (better yet, register to use our more detailed online service and rate quoting applications).

Holland keeps getting better

For 80 years, customers have valued Holland for our regional expertise and leadership in next-day delivery, quality handling and on-time performance.

Now, with recent network improvements, including 17 high-efficiency velocity centers, an emphasis on more deliveries before noon, and an ongoing investment in equipment, you'll find our service levels are getting better everyday, with every shipment.

Whether it's local area or next-day service you want, you can feel confident that Holland will get it there on-time and claim-free.

If your supply chain requires precision deliveries, we now offer five levels of guaranteed service (before 9 a.m., before noon, before 3:30 p.m., hour-specific window and day-specific window), as well as expedited deliveries.

And knowing how busy you are, with Holland you can go online to book, track, and manage your shipments and receive automatic reports. It's fast and simple!

For more information on bringing regional expertise to your supply chain, visit us at

Retailers benefit from Consolidation & Distribution services

Looking for cost-effective transportation that can help improve your retail operations? With our Consolidation and Distribution services, Holland can customize a solution that adds efficiency by supporting DC-bypass strategies; reduces the expense and inventory associated with multiple warehouse locations; and increases flexibility by allowing product to flow directly where it's needed in response to changing market conditions.

How? With our extensive regional network and cross-dock capabilities, Holland can:

  • Pickup shipments from multiple vendors
  • Consolidate them into one larger shipment
  • Move that larger shipment across the network to another Holland service center--or accept delivery of a full-load shipment from your truckload carrier or private fleet
  • De-consolidated the shipment for distribution to multiple store locations


Holland can handle your entire solution or select services to best meet your unique needs.

Talk with your Holland account executive about a customized Consolidation and Distribution solution, engineered for your business.

Get connected to YRC Worldwide Insight

As a YRC Worldwide company, Holland has access to the resources and expertise of the industry leader in the transportation of large shipments.

Now you can easily read the latest ideas on improving supply chain performance from YRC Worldwide and its operating companies, hear from our executive leadership, and submit questions about the business. It's all there at

And beginning next month, look for more frequent news from YRC Worldwide. It's one more way we make global commerce work by connecting people, places and information.

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Industry Information

Tolls on federal highways

The American Trucking Association wants to limit tolls on federal highways while the Obama administration sees tolls as a way to pay for highway maintenance and upgrades.

The Freedom from Tolls Act, introduced by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) seeks to prohibit tolls on existing roadways built with federal funding.

CO2 emissions down 2.8 percent

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports in preliminary estimates that U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels fell in 2008. Oil-related emissions were down six percent; transportation-related emissions were down 5.2 percent; and electric power sector emissions, the largest single source of CO2 emissions, decreased 2.1 percent. This is the largest annual decline on record.

For information on green initiatives at YRC Worldwide, visit Destination > Green at

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

We're big on talk

It's true! We discover amazing opportunities to improve supply chain operations when we simply sit down and talk with our customers.

That's why our sales account executives and operations engineers frequently are found in deep conversation with the operations folks at our customers' facilities. When we get a better understanding of your business, we find more and better ways to meet your supply chain objectives, whether that's improving precision or reducing costs.

Frequently, we also uncover opportunities for simple process changes in your operations or our operations that allow us to better serve your business. For example, changing the time a shipment is ready may have a big impact on how it travels through our network.

So let's talk! Call your account executive and see how Holland can better serve your transportation needs.

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News/Other Services

We're serious about continuous improvement

To stay in the game you have to stay ahead of the competition. It's with that mindset that Holland continuously looks at ways to improve its service and better meet your needs.

  • Our recently introduced Guaranteed Window service helps you avoid chargebacks, improve your scorecard performance and manage inventories
  • Velocity centers contribute to our ability to make more deliveries to your docks before noon
  • Network redesign adds operational efficiencies while maintaining the speed, reliability, and claim-free performance you expect
  • Ongoing investments in equipment maintenance, new equipment, and employee training help ensure continued service excellence
  • And coming soon, enhancements to our online website will put more capabilities at your fingertips

At Holland we're serious about continuous improvement because we're serious about continuous service excellence.

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