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80 Years Strong

Tough economics are nothing new for Holland. We started business in 1929, during the granddaddy of all hard times, the Great Depression. Since we began operations, our country has faced 13 periods of recession.

Through it all, Holland continued to earn the trust of our customers.

And we plan to keep it that way.

Call Holland, the leader in next-day, claim-free service in the region, for the velocity and precision you need in your supply chain.

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What's New at Holland

Network changes leverage fraternal partnerships to deliver confidence.

In a robust economy, with tight capacity, it's easy for a transportation provider to maintain the status quo. However, the current economy prompts us to look closely at ways we can improve service to our customers and optimize our networks. Our recent decision to expand our partnership with New Penn does both.

As announced, Holland will serve the areas of Albany, Allentown, Baltimore, Bedford, DuBois, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Syracuse and Wilkes-Barre through a fraternal partnership with New Penn.

Like Holland, New Penn is owned by YRC Worldwide. This means shipments handled through our integrated networks experience complete, accurate end-to-end online quoting, online transit times, online visibility using driver-handheld technology, and online proof of delivery. And while either company will assume responsibility for the shipment, both Holland and New Penn deliver confidence with claim ratios less than half the industry average for 99.8 percent claim-free shipping.

New Penn leads the Northeast in next-day service. Similar to Holland, New Penn is a consistent Logistics Management Magazine Quest for Quality award winner for outstanding regional performance. And similar to Holland, New Penn shares a common commitment to speed, flexibility and expertise so that customers can feel confident that their deliveries will be on-time and claim free.

The changes give you the same level of service, the same level of regional pricing, and you will experience seamless best-in-class pickup at origin and best-in-class delivery at destination. At the same time, the network changes allow the YRC Regional Transportation companies to reduce service redundancy for more efficient operations.

For our customers in Richmond and Wichita, Holland is working closely with our sister company, YRC, to make service to these points seamless for you as well. YRC is the genuine heavyweight expert with the most comprehensive network in North America. You can count on YRC for flexible, efficient solutions and an experience that's simply reliable.

Thank you for your business. If you have any questions about the network changes, please contact your account executive.

Reduced handling results in reduced claims

Ever wonder why Holland delivers shipments 99.8% damage free?

Part of the answer is in our network. With about 60 full-service service centers in the U.S. and four service centers in Ontario and Quebec, Holland direct loads many shipments for customers. Less handling means less damage.

The other part of the answer is our people. Holland drivers are members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the best drivers in the industry. Our freight handlers receive ongoing safety training which avoids mishaps on our docks. Our core values--"excellence in all areas of customer service" and "hard work and continuous improvement"--are ingrained in our work ethic.

And we keep getting better. Last year, when Holland introduced  velocity centers to increase speed and improve reliability, claims actually went down further.

The fact is, you'll find the Holland claim ratio is typically half the LTL industry average.

Visit our website or call your local service center to discover the difference Holland can make in your supply chain.

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News/Other Services

Holland Custom Solutions handles complex shipments

The challenge: Pick up several hundred individual shipments from a single customer's dock and deliver them in a timed release over a two week period to various destinations. We can do that!

The service: Custom Solutions from Holland--quick, customized, flexible, integrated transportation solutions, tailored to unique requirements, and with the personal attention to make sure shipments are executed according to specifications.

The result: Flawless execution with every pickup and delivery monitored by a customer service representative.

Call your account executive to see how Holland can customize a solution to meet your business needs.

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Industry Information

Illinois governor approves $9 billion infrastructure plan

The plan, which includes approximately $7 billion in federal stimulus dollars and $3 billion in state money, will go toward roads, bridges, and mass transit across Illinois. "The Jump Start Capital Plan is going to create jobs, strengthen our economy, and address our state's overdue road construction needs," according to Governor Pat Quinn. The plan is the first phase in a $26 billion infrastructure spending plan the governor is endorsing.

Woodka named as Gulf Coast rebuilding coordinator

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed disaster recovery veteran Janet L. Woodka to be the Federal Coordinator of Rebuilding in the Gulf Coast Region. The Federal Coordinator is independent from Federal Emergency Management Agency and reports directly to Secretary Napolitano. Woodka will also have a direct line of communication to the White House. As Federal Coordinator, Woodka will be responsible for identifying long-term rebuilding needs by working directly with state and local authorities to communicate priorities to Washington.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Receive email reports to help manage your transportation

Use the reporting tools available via to help you manage individual shipments and your transportation activities with Holland. Click on the login button in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to get started.

  • Service reports look at several metrics to help you measure the service Holland provides. Available reports include: percentage of on-time deliveries, total number of shipments, total weight, total charges, and more.
  • Location tracking reports (also known as status reports or daily manifests) display the status of your shipments--including inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments billed to your locations.

When you subscribe, reports are emailed automatically to your inbox, saving you the time and trouble of tracking down information. You can send reports simultaneously up to ten email addresses. And you decide whether you want service reports daily, weekly or monthly.

To subscribe, visit and click the login button in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you log-on, click "Report it." This will take you to the page where you can "Create subscription" or "View subscription" (this lets you edit or delete your previous report selections). Then, follow the instructions for selecting service location/carrier, the types and frequency of reports, and where you want the reports sent. Easy!

What's more, it's smart! Manage your shipments and your transportation activities, maybe even impress your boss with online reports from Holland.

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