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Holland Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Founded in 1929 in Holland, Michigan, with one truck and a shipment of agricultural goods, Holland grew to be the leading provider of next-day service in our region.

For 80 years, our values are the foundation for our commitment to exceed customer expectations with every shipment.

—Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
—Respect for each individual
—Excellence in all areas of customer service
—Hard work and continuous improvement

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What's New at Holland

Retailers Take Stock of Holland Capabilities

warehouseWhether it's a grand opening or seasonal rollout, retailers know the importance of having a network of stores equipped, stocked and merchandised on a tight schedule. And Holland knows transportation precision and velocity are the key.

With our Guaranteed Window service, you define the single-hour or multi-hour, single-day or multiday window during which you want the shipment delivered. Then relax. Holland will ensure your delivery is made as planned--not early, not late--or there's no charge.

Our Custom Solutions take retail services a giant step forward. With Holland you can:

  • Engineer a personalized plan for building out, furnishing and stocking your store network
  • Schedule night and weekend deliveries to accommodate contractors and setup crews
  • Consolidate merchandise to arrive in a single delivery or distribute to stores over your specific timeframes
  • Receive daily shipment status updates

To learn how Holland can help make your stores ready when customers are ready to shop, visit us at or call 866-465-5263.

Financial Flexibility to Weather the Recession

man carrying briefcaseAs announced in the last issue of Holland Headlines, our parent company, YRC Worldwide, worked with lenders to modify the terms of its credit facilities. The amended terms give us flexibility to manage our business during this economic recession and to continue providing customers with exceptional services.

Since then, the Standard & Poor's (S&P) credit agency upgraded YRC Worldwide from CreditWatch rating "developing" to "positive." Given the company's new bank amendment, S&P stated it could raise the company's ratings after further evaluation.

A second development since the mid-February bank amendment is the sale and simultaneous lease back of a pool of real estate assets. The real estate transaction is part of the company's strategy to maintain liquidity and improve our financial performance for the near term and when the economy improves, so we can focus on serving our customers and maintaining our industry leadership.

Since Holland began operations in 1929, the company has provided uninterrupted service through 12 periods of economic recession. As we celebrate our 80th anniversary and work through recession number 13, we believe some things shouldn't change. We are proud of our heritage of quality, on-time performance and look to a future of exceeding customer expectations with our regional expertise.

Expanded Guaranteed Service to Canada

Canada flagAlready a market leader in Eastern Canada, Holland recently added delivery points to its Guaranteed before 3:30 service. The expanded service gives you a 400 percent increase in ZIP code coverage in Canada! And with greater than 99 percent on-time performance, and significantly more next-day delivery lanes than other providers—it's a service you can count on for your Canada supply chain.

Holland introduced the industry's earliest guaranteed service to and from Canada in early 2008: guaranteed delivery by 3:30 p.m.

Later that same year, Holland went one better with its Guaranteed by noon service to and from Canada.

Guaranteed delivery by noon and 3:30 gives you use of goods on the day of delivery, an important advantage for in-store sales, limited receiving hours, and lean operations.

To find the Canada service that's right for you, check out the transit time calculator on

Just enter the origin and destination zip codes to see delivery options, destinations, and pricing.

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Industry Information

NAFTA Renegotiations Likely to be Delayed

Indicating that the U.S. will likely postpone renegotiation efforts with Canada and Mexico on NAFTA, President Obama told the Canadian Broadcasting Company, "There are a lot of sensitivities right now because of the huge decline in world trade." He went on to say that, "Canada is one of our most important trading partners. We rely on them heavily; there's $1.5 billion worth of trade going back and forth every day between the two countries and that it is not in anybody's interest to see that trade diminish."


"Keeping America's Freeway's Free Act" Introduced in U.S. House

An anti-tolling bill was introduced by U.S. Representative Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, prohibiting the tolling of federal highways, including I-80 through Pennsylvania. "The American people currently pay for our Interstates through gas taxes, the Highway Trust Fund and apportionment taxes on trucks hauling goods," Thompson said. "Tolling the Interstate Highway System would not only be a double tax on the American people, but a dangerous step toward slowing the economic growth of Pennsylvania and the entire country during these trying times."

Newspapers with puzzle pieces

Businesses Look for Ways to Cut Hours not Staff

Thirty-seven percent of human resources managers in the U.S. say they are spending more time devising alternatives to layoffs versus six months ago. Peter Cappelli, director of the Center for Human Resources at the Wharton School of Business advises that a salary cut of five percent costs less than a similar size layoff because there are no severance payments. A WorkShare program implemented by some state governments allows companies to reduce employees' work hours and make up the difference through unemployment benefits. Other approaches are training existing staff to handle different responsibilities, asking employees to take unpaid time off, and "loaning" workers to neighboring businesses needing short-term staffing.

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News/Other Services

smiling man

Why Does Holland Stand Out Above Other Providers?

When you ship with Holland, you're working with the leader in regional transportation. Why do we say this? Consider:

  • Holland has more next-day lanes than any of its major competitors with the same coverage
    • Next-day delivery areas of 750 miles or more
    • 71 full-service facilities in the U.S.
    • 4 service centers in Ontario/Quebec
  • Four levels of Guaranteed delivery service
    • by 9 a.m., noon, 3:30 p.m. and window
    • Shipments arrive on time or you don't pay
  • Industry leading service reliability
    • Quest for Quality award recipient for 23 consecutive years
    • 97.8% on-time performance
    • A claim ratio that's about half the industry average
    • 99.8 % damage-free shipments
  • Canada service
    • Cross border expertise keeps shipments moving on time
    • Industry-leading Guaranteed delivery by noon and 3:30
  • Technology services for the way you do business
    • Secure website lets you Ship It, Track It, Manage It, Report It--all online
    • E-Commerce capabilities, including EDI, deliver real-time information while eliminating high VAN costs

Put the regional expertise of Holland to work for you. Visit or call your local service center.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Call or Click for Customer Service

We know you're busy. That's why Holland works hard to put convenience in and take attitude out of customer service.

We staff our customer service call center for quick response. In fact, the average hold time is less than 20 seconds. And representatives are available when you need them, from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. (Eastern time).

Our customer service representatives are hired for their cheerful, helpful manner, and trained to make your Holland experience a good one--whether it's quoting, arranging pickups, tracing shipments, gathering OS&D information, even handling some billing corrections. They also can help with documents and imaging.

In fact, our call center is a one-stop clearinghouse for information on all of Holland.

Rather work online? The same great service you find on the phone is just a click away at

Whether it's at the local facility, the call center or online, customers have come to expect a higher level of service at Holland. Check it out for yourself by calling 866-389-3641 or at

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