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Safety Investments

USF Holland emphasizes working safely and invests in safety training for all employees. We train drivers and service center employees in injury and collision prevention, safe-work rules and how to handle hazardous materials. Additional training programs meet or exceed ongoing OSHA training requirements for personal protective equipment, hazardous communications, emergency action plans and forklift safety. And our leadership reviews safety trends with employees on a monthly basis, and reinforces preventative measures. At USF Holland, safety is not a program, it's a mindset.

Safety Pays!

The ROI on safety training goes to our customers. With 99.8 percent of all shipments delivered damage-free, you may never need to file a claim, saving you time. Because shipments arrive claims free, your business stays on track, making you money! And with so few claims to process, we resolve 90 percent of all claims within 30 days.

What's New

Champs at Super Bowl of Safety

Judges at the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in Houston awarded USF Holland city driver Herschel Evans (pictured below on left) with the title National Champion in the 5-Axle class. The 2008 USF NTDC team is shown on the right. 

Held each August by the American Trucking Associations, nearly 400 drivers from across the U.S. compete in eight vehicle classes, accumulating points through a driving skills test, pre-trip inspection test, written examination and personal interview.

To compete, drivers must be accident-free for the 12 months leading up to the event and place first in their state-level driving championships.

Evans is a 14-year veteran with USF Holland, working out of Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to his 2008 title, Evans was named Rookie of the Year and took first place in the 5-Axle class in the 2006 Georgia driving competition.

Driver safety is one reason USF Holland shipments arrive 99.8 percent damage free. To find out more about the national driving championships, go to YRC Worldwide.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

North Carolina—In the Heart of USF Holland!

Known for service excellence in America's Heartland, USF Holland also delivers full-state coverage to North Carolina.

North Carolina service simplifies your routings and gives your customers peace of mind when shipping to the state that the National Traffic Database consistently ranks among the top eight for inbound and outbound shipping volumes*.

When it comes to North Carolina, no other transportation provider delivers more next-day or two-day service from America's Heartland than USF Holland. Here are just a few examples of the service you can expect when you ship with us:

  • Toledo to Charlotte: Next-day delivery
  • Indianapolis to Greensboro: Next-day delivery
  • Cleveland to Raleigh: Next-day delivery
  • Minneapolis to Gastonia: Two-day delivery
  • Des Moines to Winston-Salem: Two-day delivery
  • Kansas City to Raleigh: Two-day delivery

To make sure you have the most up-to-date service maps, contact your Account Executive or visit your local service center page on and download a .pdf version.

*Source: SMC3 National Traffic Database, 2005-Q208.

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News/Other Services

Nearly One Billion Miles of Safe Driving

Driving 1 million consecutive miles without a preventable accident is an extraordinary milestone few professional drivers attain; driving two million miles is even more impressive.

At USF Holland, nearly one-third of all linehaul drivers have accomplished this feat, and 76 have safely navigated two million miles. For perspective, one million miles is the equivalent of driving around the earth's equator about 40 times.

In addition to the high number of USF Holland million-mile drivers, the average number of miles driven between preventable collisions keeps getting better, improving 12 percent since 2007. That's no accident; that's our USF Holland Pride!

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Are Your Shipments Covered Against Freezing?

Protect from Freezing service from USF Holland uses technically-engineered and environmentally-safe cargo blankets and the largest network of next-day delivery points in the region to protect shipments from freezing during transit.

Mark your shipments and bills of lading with "Protect from Freezing" to receive specialized freeze-protection services:

  • Pickups Monday through--and including--Friday
  • Includes all direct-point shipments--even Ontario and Quebec
  • Cargo quilts available when and where you need them
  • Warm rooms for weekend use
  • Extensive next-day coverage limits exposure to cold temperatures in transit
  • Reasonably priced at $1.60 per 100 pounds

USF Holland has helped customers with temperature-sensitive products (such as paints, adhesives, lubricants, sealers, solvents and inks) to weather the Winter cold with its investments in training, processes, technology and personal commitment.

For more information on Protect from Freezing service, call 866-465-5263--or your Account Executive--or Customer Service at your local service center.

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Industry Information

Price of Fuel Continues to Fall

Traffic World, in its September 8 issue, reports that the average price of diesel fuel dropped 6.2 cents per gallon to $4.059. October deliveries of intermediate crude oil closed September 5 at $106.23 per barrel, down $9 per barrel over the course of the week.

Customs and Border Protection Extends Comment Deadline

Interested parties now have until Oct. 23, 2008 to comment on proposed rules governing the way importers determine country of origin for their goods. The proposed rule would extend Part 102 of the North America Free Trade Agreement to all imports. The proposal originally was announced on July 25th.

Mexico Opens Bidding on Construction of New Port

Estimated at US$4 billion, Mexico's Punta Colonet port in Baja California, will provide an alternative port of entry to the congested ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Located 150 miles south of the U.S. border, railroads will link the port to the United States. Punta Colonet is projected to begin operations in 2012, with annual capacity of two million TEUs.

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