Our dock workers can’t imagine sitting still.

Dock workers make up an important link in the transport network. One that is continually evolving in response to the changing demands of our industry – from the growing transport volume to the increasing sophistication of infrastructure to the need for protection due to safety and health hazards.

At all of 53 Holland service centers across the Midwest and Southeast, professional freight handlers expertly transfer shipments, from trailer to dock to trailer. These dock workers carefully maneuver forklifts and lift trucks to hoist pallets, cartons and containers of all shapes and size into place for their ride to the next destination.

What does it take to be a dock worker? A keen eye, an expert hand on the wheel, and a smooth touch on the pedal to safely, quickly and precisely position each piece of freight. It’s a great opportunity for anyone who has a sense of urgency and likes to be constantly on the move. In fact, part-time dock work is ideal for college students or others wanting to supplement their income.


  • This is a great opportunity for college students or someone wanting to supplement their income. Shifts are primarily in the morning or evening with a maximum of 4 hours Monday through Friday.

General Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Required to take a pre-employment drug screen with true negative results
  • May be required to take additional pre employment testing/assessments
  • Experience operating a forklift in an LTL environment is a plus

If you enjoy the idea of being in constant motion, then this could be the job for you. Explore your options and APPLY NOW!

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