URL Format Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Service


V3X1 (Major Version 3, Minor Version 1)


Transit Time service provides transit time information for given end points.

URL format (REST/URLweb service)


Request structure

Parameter Value Description
* originCity String (* required) Origin city, must match ZIP code of origin location when direction is Shipper
* originState String (* required) Origin city, must match state of origin location when direction is Shipper
originZipCode String (required) Origin ZIP code
* destCity String (* required) Destination city, must match ZIP code of origin location when direction is Consignee
* destState String (* required) Destination city, must match state of origin location when direction is Consignee
destZipCode String (required) Destination ZIP code
pickupDate Date (optional) Pickup date (MM-DD-YYYY); if not set, will default to today

* Note: use legacy format if ZIP code does not have multiple cities:


Response structure

Parameter Value Description
STATUS:CODE Integer Status code of the response. Valid values are:
0: Success1: Error
STATUS:ERROR_TYPE String Error type returned if applicable. Valid values are:
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR: Invalid hollandregional.com credentials were supplied
INPUT_ERROR: Error in input parameters
PROCESSING_ERROR: Internal processing error. Please retry or contact hollandregional.com Support
NOT_FOUND_ERROR: Requested information not found
NOT_ALL_FOUND_ERROR: Some requested information not found
STATUS:VIEW String Response View. Valid values are:
PUBLIC: Unsecured view.
Returned when service is invoked with no credentials or when business rules prevent access to secured information.
SECURED: Secured View. Complete information including secured data.
ERROR: Error View.
STATUS:MESSAGE String Error message (if applicable)
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT String Version of service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST String Latest available version of this service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of latest available service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
SERVICEDAYS Number Service days
SERVICETYPE String Service Type
INDUSTRYDAYS Number Industry average
ORIGIN:ZIP String Origin ZIP code
ORIGIN:NAME String Origin Service Center Name
ORIGIN:CARRIER String Origin Service Center Company
ORIGIN:ADDRESS String Origin Service Center Address
ORIGIN:CITY String Origin Service Center City
ORIGIN:STATE String Origin Service Center State
ORIGIN:ZIP String Origin Service Center ZIP
ORIGIN:PHONE String Origin Service Center Contact Phone
ORIGIN:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Origin Service Center Toll-Free Phone
ORIGIN:FAX String Origin Service Center Fax Number
DESTINATION:ZIP String Destination Service Center ZIP
DESTINATION:PHONE String Destination Service Center Contact Phone
DESTINATION:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Destination Service Center Toll-Free Phone
DESTINATION:FAX String Destination Service Center Fax Number
ORIGIN_ZIP String Origin ZIP code
DESTINATION_ZIP String Destination ZIP code
SERVICEUPGRADES Multiple Special Service upgrades; up to 10
SERVICEUPGRADES:DELIVERYTIME String Delivery time description
SERVICEUPGRADES:SERVICE_TYPE String Description of service