URL Format Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Service


V3X2 (Major Version 3, Minor Version 2)


With the Add Pickup Request Web Service you can create Add Pickup Requests.

URL format (REST/URLweb service)




Request structure

Parameter Value Description
accessKey String (required) Access Key identifying the user invoking the service.
accountId String (required) Holland or Reddaway Account ID associated with hollandregional.com login (See your profile.)
direction String (required) S = Shipper, C = Consignee, 3 = Third Party (If direction = “Consignee”, the shipment may have only 1 destination.)
origCompany String (required) Origin location company name
origAddr1 String (required) Origin location address 1 (Street, PO Box, etc.)
origAddr2 String (optional) Origin location address 2
origCity String (required) Origin location city
origState String (required) Origin location U.S. state or Canadian province (USPS 2-letter codes)
origZip String (required) Origin location zip/postal code
pkupContName String (required) Pickup contact name
pkupContPhone String (required) Pickup contact phone
pkupContEmail String (required) Pickup contact email address
pkupContAddlEmails String (optional) Pickup contact additional email addresses separated by a comma (,)
consContName String (required if direction = “C”) Consignee contact name
consContPhone String (required if direction = “C”) Consignee contact phone
consContEmail String (required if direction = “C”) Consignee contact email address
thirdPtyContName String (required if direction = “3”) Third party contact name
thirdPtyContPhone String (required if direction = “3”) Third party contact phone
thirdPtyContEmail String (required if direction = “3”) Third party contact email address
pkupDate DateTime (required) Pickup date (Format: YYYYMMDD)
readyByTime DateTime (required) Ready by time (local time) (Format: HHMMSS)
dockClosingTime DateTime (required) Time when dock closes (local time) (Format: HHMMSS)
trailerNum String (optional) Trailer number
destRef[1…10] String (required) Name or reference number for pickup driver (please also send this information in the pickupNotes parameter)
destZip[1…10] String (Required if direction = “C” or “3”) Destination zip/postal code. The default city will be used unless city AND state are specified. (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destCity[1…10] String (Optional) The destination city. (If the city OR state does not match what is in the system the zipcodes primary city will be used instead)
destState[1…10] String (Optional) The destination state abbreviation. (i.e. “MI”, “CA”)
destQty[1…10] Decimal (required) Destination quantity. (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destPkg[1…10] String (Required) Destination packaging (Valid values: Bags, Bales, Barrels, Baskets, Boxes, Buckets, Bundles,
Cans, Cartons, Cases, Coils, Crates, Cylinders, Drums, Each, Envelopes, Gaylords, Kegs, Kits,
Lifts, Loose, Packages, Pails, Pallets, Pieces, Reels, Rolls, Skids, Spool, Tanks, Tote Bins, Tubes, Units). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destWt[1…10] Integer (required) Destination weight. (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destLinFt[1…10] Decimal (optional) Destination linear feet. (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destFood[1…10] Boolean (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates if shipment contains food (Y = true, N = false). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destPoison[1…10] Boolean (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates if shipment contains poison (Y = true, N = false). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destHazMat[1…10] Boolean (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates if shipment contains hazardous materials (e.g., chemicals, paint, flammable materials, etc.). (Y = true, N = false). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destLiftgate[1…10] Boolean (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates that delivery requires hydraulic liftgate device (subject to availability). (Y = true, N = false). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destFreezeProt[1…10] Boolean (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates that the shipment requires protection from cold because of its perishable nature. (Y = true, N = false). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destSvcType[1…10] String (Optional) Service level for destinations 1 – 10 (Valid values are: 30 = regional delivery; 31 = inter-regional delivery;
35 = interline delivery; 36 = guaranteed delivery – 3:30 pm;
(Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destDelDate[1…10] String (optional) Delivery date for destinations 1 – 10 (Format: YYYYMMDD). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
destDelTime[1…10] String (optional) Delivery time (local time) for destinations 1 – 10 (Format: HHMMSS). (Maximum of 10 can be passed.)
proNumber String (optional) Only valid with PREASSIGNED PRO range: Up to 11 characters, only accepts numbers and a hyphen(-). Allows for attaching pro numbers to a pickup. Only available for single destination calls. Please contact web support at ecommerce@yrcfreight.com  to obtain a block of pros to utilize for this field.
pickupNotes String (optional) Up to 25 characters of notes to be added to the pickup request.  String should be URL-encoded, as it will be decoded after received to preserve formatting.
testing String (optional; defaults to “N”) Indicates if a submitted request will be validated, but not committed (Y = true, N = false).

Response structure

Parameter Value Description
PICKUPREQUESTCONFIRMATIONNUMBER Integer Confirmation number of the scheduled pickup
PRONUMBER String If a pronumber is entered in the request, this will return the same number
STATUS:CODE Integer Status code of the response. Valid values are:
0: Success1: Error
STATUS:ERROR_TYPE String Error type returned if applicable. Valid values are:
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR: Invalid hollandregional.com credentials were supplied
INPUT_ERROR: Error in input parameters
PROCESSING_ERROR: Internal processing error. Please retry or contact hollandregional.com Support
NOT_FOUND_ERROR: Requested information not found
NOT_ALL_FOUND_ERROR: Some requested information not found
STATUS:VIEW String Response View. Valid values are:
PUBLIC: Unsecured view.
Returned when service is invoked with no credentials or when business rules prevent access to secured information.
SECURED: Secured View. Complete information including secured data.
ERROR: Error View.
STATUS:MESSAGE String Error message (if applicable)
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT String Version of service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST String Latest available version of this service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of latest available service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY